Fukushima Prefecture announced on the 22nd that Governor Uchibori was infected with the new coronavirus.

This was announced on the night of the 22nd by Fukushima Prefecture at an urgent press conference.

According to this, Governor Uchibori had a dinner with four people at a restaurant in Fukushima City on the 16th of this month, and on the 18th of this month, one of them was found to be infected.

At this time, he decided that he was not a close contact, but he switched to working from home just in case.

It is said that the PCR test conducted at the medical institution on the 19th was "negative", but when the PCR test was conducted again in the morning of the 22nd to return to normal work from the 23rd, it was found to be "positive". That is.

So far, Governor Uchibori has no symptoms such as fever and cough, and he will be treated at home, so he will follow the instructions of the health center when he will return in the future.

According to the prefecture, Governor Uchibori had not yet vaccinated his third vaccination because he could not schedule it with public affairs.

Governor Uchibori commented, "Everyone can be infected. We ask that each and every one of us continue to work on basic measures to prevent the spread of the infection."