Photo courtesy of Jiangxi Federation of Literary and Art Circles

  China News Service, Beijing, May 22. The Jiangxi Provincial Excellent Original Song Seminar hosted by the Jiangxi Federation of Literary and Art Circles was held in Beijing and Nanchang in a combination of online and offline methods. Three excellent original songs from Jiangxi, such as "It's Beautiful to Laugh" and "The Communist Party Has Been for the People for One Hundred Thousand Years Ten Thousand Years", were discussed.

  Li Longwu, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and director of the Provincial Press and Publication Bureau (Provincial Copyright Bureau), pointed out that in recent years, Jiangxi's music creation has shown great vitality, and a number of new people and new works have been produced, which is due to the great prosperity and development of Chinese literature and art. The background of the times is inseparable from the attention and support of Jiangxi Province and party committees and governments at all levels, the real nourishment of Jiangxi's reform and opening up, and the harmonious development of the economy and society, and the hard-working and promising creation and work of a group of musicians. Innovation is inseparable from the guidance and help of experts, everyone and famous people in the music industry.

It is necessary to meet the creative requirements of the "Five-One Project" song project, and further do a good job in polishing and promoting excellent songs.

The music industry in the province must also focus on the selection of topics, create in-depth creation, and promote it carefully. Excellent works that are loved and widely sung by the masses.

  Ma Yuling, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles, introduced the artistic characteristics of the songs and social repercussions of the seminar. Some songs focused on poverty alleviation and comprehensive well-off themes. Once the relevant platforms were launched, they received a high degree of attention and were widely used and sung; some His songs are cheerful and lively, with positive emotions, and have been viewed and quoted by more than 15 billion people on the Internet. Some songs sing the original intention of the Communist Party of China, with sincere feelings, sing the voice of the people, and have aroused strong repercussions in major media.

The songs use different styles and themes to sing the new era, sing the truth, the good and the beautiful, and carry forward the core socialist values, which represent the direction of Jiangxi song creation in the future.

At the meeting, Ma Yuling also introduced the red classic songs created by Jiangxi and the rich national music resources in Jiangxi to the experts, and hoped that the experts would come to Jiangxi to create and collect styles, and continue to care about Jiangxi's literature and art, especially music work, and help Jiangxi become a culturally strong province and country. Building soft power.

  Experts such as Wang Xiaoling, Wang Zujie, Zhang Hongguang, and Bian Liumian participated in the conference in Beijing by video connection.

At the seminar, the participating experts interpreted and commented on the works one by one from the three levels of ideology, art and production, and believed that the songs well reflected the unity of ideology, artistry and mass. the basis of singing.

Experts also put forward suggestions on how to further polish and improve songs.