• Leobotics is the first concept store in France dedicated to robots and all aspects of robotics.

  • Its creator, Léo-Paul Watrin, advises both individuals and companies in a world where almost every activity has its own dedicated robot.

  • Anxious to democratize his passion, Leobotics also offers training in robotics, for all levels.

Whether it's learning, building, cleaning or having fun, we all need the help of a robot one day.

Léo-Paul Watrin understood this from childhood.

But in an increasingly robotized world, there is something to get lost in.

One day, this 27-year-old engineer struggled to find a certain robot for his godson.

Shortly after, he opened this winter in Lyon the only shop specializing in robotics in France, in the Confluence district, "a stone's throw from French Tech", he smiles.

A unique concept open to professionals and individuals alike

More than a shop, Leobotics has the ambition to offer "the whole universe of the robot", to reach the widest possible audience.

"I wanted to democratize robotics, to open this field to the general public, to address professionals but also individuals, children and seniors alike," he explains.

Léo-Pol Watrin first created the largest database dedicated to robots: a search engine and a comparison tool bringing together all the models available in the world.

Even if nothing replaces live advice: “Our added value is being able to advise any client, with any machine”, assures the young man.

“We sell different types of robots, whether educational, service (vacuum cleaners, window cleaners, mowers, etc.), right up to professional robots.

Leobotics thus supports SMEs that require more industrial robots: “We study their needs, we identify technical solutions, references and suppliers, to support them throughout their project.


Training for all ages

As a good enthusiast, Léo-Paul Watrin likes above all to share his passion.

He offers various training courses, aware that his clients are not all engineers... "What works really well are the discovery workshops", he rejoices.

“We can bring together up to four people at the store, but we also travel to homes, schools, MJCs, nursing homes… We present several robots, so that people choose the one that interests them the most.

“Like this Franco-Japanese dog in kit, created for National Education, whose children will be able to learn to fix the sensors, the engine, before starting it.

"I recently led a workshop with a 7-year-old child with autism Asperger's, which turned out to be very rewarding for both of us," says the engineer.

If several models are presented at Leobotics, what first stops passers-by are the vintage toys in the window.

“We also wanted to present derivatives, like the originals found in flea markets, and these reissues!

“Transformers from the 80s thus rub shoulders with a small ultra-modern reception robot, contributing to the uninhibited reputation of Leobotics.

"Many investors are contacting me today to develop the project," says Léo-Pol Watrin, never short of programming.


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