[Commentary] "My hometown is a man of the country, and my hometown is full of rice fragrance." During the Xiaoman season, I walked into Yuanjiashan Village, De'an County, Jiangxi, Jiangxi Water Township, and rural rice fields. As far as I could see, there were busy farmers; Longping Square, Longping's former residence , there are mourners everywhere.

  When the reporter got out of the car, he met Tang Guojun, a citizen of Lushan who made a special trip with his family and children from dozens of kilometers away to mourn and mourn Mr. Yuan.

  [Concurrent] Tang Guojun, a citizen of Lushan, Jiangxi

  Mr. Yuan Longping has made great contributions to our country and human food security throughout his life. We bring our children here today to let them experience Mr. Yuan Longping's family and country feelings and his scientific spirit from an early age. The next generation can have this scientific spirit and this sense of community, and make contributions to the motherland that belong to their next generation in their future growth.

  [Commentary] In September 2004, Yuan Longping once returned to Yuanjiashan and wrote for his hometown "The hometown is deeply loved, and the heart is Dean".

In 2015 and 2016, Yuan Longping returned to his hometown to inaugurate the Yuanjiashan Science Education Base in Jiangxi Province, awarded scholarships to the newly-built Longping School, and measured the yield of the Super Rice Base.

On May 22, 2021, Yuan Longping passed away due to ineffective treatment at the age of 91.

  Walking along a winding path, many people who came spontaneously like Tang Guojun walked into Yuan Longping's former residence in turn, stood in front of the porcelain plate painting with the words "Dream of Coolness under Hexia", laid flowers and bowed to the statue of Yuan Longping in memory of his memory.

  In front of Longping's former residence, more than 100 local primary and secondary school students conduct research and study here in batches and experience spring ploughing in the one-acre-three-point super rice experimental field. Yuan Longping's cousin Yuan Dingfu is busy instructing the children to plant rice. In his opinion , this is also the best memory and commemoration of Yuan Lao.

  [Concurrent] Yuan Dingfu, nephew of Yuan Longping

  Some primary and secondary school children came here to experience the study. I taught them how to plant rice on the spot. These children are very serious. The rice planted rice variety is "1088", which is also a new variety that the old man participated in the research. The taste is quite good. As juniors, we also want to carry forward the spirit of Longping and inherit the farming culture.

  [Explanation] During the conversation, rows of silver-white EMUs flew past the rice fields filled with seedlings from time to time, running into the distance with the fragrance of rice in the soil of the water town.

  Reporter Jiang Tao, Liu Zhankun, Jiangxi De'an reported

Responsible editor: [Ye Pan]