520, love Shanghai!

Thank you for coming to Shanghai︱Shanghai War Epidemic · Mortal Shimmer

  In just one day, we bought 300 boxes of instant noodles, 300 ham sausages, and took 4 large buckets full of boiling water to the outside of Hongqiao Railway Station.

There, a large number of stranded people who are about to leave Shanghai gathered.

  In the rain last night, on the special day of 520, we brewed these 300 boxes of instant noodles on the spot and gave them to the stranded people one by one.

Although many stranded people are tired, helpless, and even a little sad as far as they can see, we still want to say to everyone who is about to leave Shanghai: Thank you for coming to Shanghai!


  There were a large number of stranded people outside Hongqiao Railway Station.

I learned this information from an excellent photojournalist and colleague Sun Zhongqin.

  On the night of the 17th, he started from the newspaper office on Weihai Road and rode a shared bicycle all the way to the outside of Hongqiao Railway Station.

That night, the video shot by Sun Zhongqin became a hit on the short video platform.

  After watching this video, I was shocked and quickly learned the details.

It turned out that the Shanghai epidemic was closed for two months, and many trapped people were eager to return to their hometowns.

After they walked out of the community, they tried their best to move towards Hongqiao Railway Station.

  Arriving at the train station, these people have come a long way.

Shanghai's public transport has not yet opened, either on foot or by bike-sharing.

So, someone rides a bike from Lingang to the train station.

Some people walked from Yangpu to Hongqiao.

  However, getting to the train station is only the first step.

Due to the limited number of trains leaving Shanghai every day, and the railway station is closed-loop management, no entry is allowed without a ticket.

Therefore, many people fell into the predicament of robbing tickets again.

If you can't get a ticket, you can only sleep outside the station.

It is said that there are many people who have been sleeping rough for more than a week.

  What worries me even more is that Sun Zhongqin introduced that there is nowhere to buy water or food outside the station.

That's why, in his video, the box lunch given by the well-meaning person outside the city is so popular.

It's a pity that there were more than 300 stranded people at the scene, and the good-hearted people could only send out 40 or 50 lunch boxes.

Well-meaning people said: "Do your best to help as much as you can." But I thought about the remaining stranded people, what should they do...

  The first thing that came to my mind was to send a box lunch.

  Since it was for the stranded people, I also thought about the dishes.

At least three dishes.

Big meat is pork ribs or large meat, small meat is shredded pork with green peppers or pickled vegetables, and vegetarian vegetables are green vegetables.

There is a little more rice, so it should be a box of rice and a box of vegetables, and the vegetables should be a little saltier.

Considering the inconvenience of transportation, the soup can be omitted, but a small bottle of mineral water should be attached.

  I took this menu and called all the restaurateurs I know and realized I was thinking too much.

Many restaurant staff are not yet in place.

Officially opened, there is no spare capacity at all.

A boss told me that according to my standard, he can only serve 50 customers at most!

  I also thought about sending bread and mineral water.

However, Sun Zhongqin said that the scene is relatively cold and it rains often, so it is best to let the stranded people eat a hot bite.

  Then, or send instant noodles?

  I called Zhang Guoliang, a national model worker, and he agreed to send instant noodles.

Moreover, "there must be hot water for brewing on the spot, so that the stranded people can eat a hot bite!"

  Zhang Guoliang said that it is recommended to set the event time on May 20.

Well, this day is special.

Second, the forecast is for rain that night.

Thirdly, he happened to be out of the community to dispense medicine that day, so we can participate together!

  So what else is there to say, come on.


  I started a frantic phone call.

  Instant noodles and ham, easy to find.

But I have a requirement, it can't be close to the expiration date.

Finally, I ordered it in a supermarket in Pudong.

  Vehicles, not too easy to find, but not too troublesome.

Sun Zhongqin was going to interview on the spot, so we can take the interview car to go there.

And to send instant noodles and hot water from Pudong to Puxi, you need to find a vehicle with a pass.

I called a few friends, and finally Mr. Chen Liang from Chuansha readily provided an Iveco with the seats removed and sent a driver.

  The hardest thing to do is the hot water.

My original idea was to collect 20 hot water bottles and bring them to the scene.

After the hot water is used up, connect the hot water to the nearby area, and the cycle repeats.

So, I asked Jin Zhigang, a senior reporter from the Evening News, to help coordinate, whether it is possible to "borrow water" from Hongqiao Railway Station.

The staff at Hongqiao Railway Station are very friendly and willing to help.

It's just that during the epidemic, the railway station is closed-loop management, and it is inconvenient to enter and exit.

  Afterwards, I was looking for a "borrowing water point" at a 10-minute drive around Hongqiao Railway Station.

The owner of a repair shop is willing to help, but people cannot leave the community.

Another gas station was also willing to help, but didn't have the capacity to provide enough hot water.

  Eventually I figured out that many companies have boiling water buckets on hand.

If possible, simply borrow a bucket and fill it with hot water.

Once the idea is opened, the problem is easy to solve.

After a few calls, I borrowed 4 boiling buckets.

Two 35 liters and two 40 liters.

Among them, two 40-liter buckets were provided by Mr. Huahui from Chuansha.

Moreover, Xiaohua also helped to boil water in his own business and filled the buckets.

  Huahui, the last time I bought 3,000 catties of vegetables and sent them to 9 nursing homes, was the post-90s generation who helped deliver the vegetables at no charge.


  Everything is ready.

  520 At 4:30 pm on this day, a few of us who could go out gathered at the place where the stranded people at Hongqiao Railway Station gathered.

After setting up a small table and setting up the garbage bags, everyone simply divided the labor——

  Xiaohua is responsible for unpacking the instant noodles and coordinating the progress of hot water;

  Mr. Chen Liang's driver is responsible for brewing;

  I am responsible for cutting the outer packaging of the ham sausage and distributing the instant noodles according to the head;

  Zhang Guoliang, Sun Zhongqin and the enthusiastic Evening News Master Zhang, maintain order on the scene and avoid crowds...

  We make an appointment, unless the other party wants to, don't ask where the stranded people are, don't ask them "are they coming back", don't ask them "how did you get to the train station".

If possible, say to everyone: Thank you for coming to Shanghai!

  Let me tell you a few of my unforgettable shots.

  Some people unpacked the instant noodles and swallowed them directly in their mouths.

By the time we reminded him that there was hot water, a piece of bread had already been eaten.

He, middle-aged, should be a person with a story.

  Someone asked: I'm not hungry, can you give me a glass of water?

We hurriedly handed over a bottle of mineral water, and he fumbled out a few pills and drank them in one gulp.

  Some people say that when the child is reading under the tree, I can make two bowls of noodles and take it with me?

  Someone was outside the barbed wire on the other side of the road and couldn't get through, so we hurriedly helped him soak a bowl and delivered it to him.

  Some people say, I don't want ham, I want to eat two bowls of noodles, one spicy and one non-spicy.

May I?

  A young man from Xi'an, wearing a red volunteer uniform, helped pick up the garbage on the ground.

We helped him soak a bowl of noodles. He took a deep sip of the soup and said, "This is the first hot soup I drank here for 8 days and 8 nights. Before, I used mineral water to make noodles. "

  As I write these stories, I hold back my tears.


  More of a "thank you", of course.

  In fact, I'm a little uncomfortable hearing so many "thanks".

Two months into the epidemic, the lives of ordinary Shanghai people can be felt by everyone, let alone these stranded people?

A bowl of hot instant noodles, there is no way to make up for one ten thousandth.

  A young girl from Hunan said that Shanghai was fine, but if it weren't for the epidemic... she choked up.

  What made me feel very, very, very happy was that a restaurant owner from Baoshan also came to the scene to distribute free lunches during our foaming time.

When I asked, the boss, surnamed Niu, also came here after seeing Sun Zhongqin's popular video and thinking that 40 or 50 lunch boxes were not enough.

  Boss Niu can handle it!

300 lunches at noon and 300 lunches at night.

He also said that he should call on his colleagues to do this together, "so that people who leave Shanghai can feel the last bit of warmth."

  Boss Niu, salute to you!

  Back to our "Instant Noodle Stand".

300 boxes of instant noodles, not much to say, it took more than two hours to distribute.

By the end of the last few boxes of instant noodles, the 4 buckets of hot water were almost used up.

So for the remaining few stranded people, everyone "balanced" each other to ensure that everyone has a little hot water in their instant noodle bowls...

  After we sent out all the instant noodles and all the mineral water in the car, there were still stranded people asking: Can you give me a ham?


  Someone asked, which department do you belong to?

  We answered that we are ordinary Shanghai citizens.

  So, the man said something.

Although he spoke with restraint, we were also embarrassed to hear him.

In the past two months, we have all experienced an unspeakable time.

  On the way back, Sun Zhongqin said: "I don't know if these stranded people will be able to eat a bowl of hot instant noodles tomorrow or the day after tomorrow!"

  This sentence touched me, and I wrote this article in a hurry.

  I don't know how many stranded people were caught in the rain outside Hongqiao Railway Station on the special rainy night of 520.

  I also don't know how many ordinary people in a certain corner of Shanghai are enduring unbearable ordeals under the epidemic.

  It is hoped that more people can help the stranded people and those who have encountered difficulties during the epidemic in Shanghai.

As Zhang Guoliang said to me——

  Can help, help.

  Can help one, help one.

  Personal power is very limited.

But after experiencing "delivering food" and "delivering instant noodles", I knew that the city of Shanghai is never cold.

Everyone radiates a little heat energy, and it can drive away the cold winter.

  520, love Shanghai!