China News Service, Pingtang, Guizhou, May 22, topic: "Silver-haired people" have gradually become the main force of RV self-driving tours: living in nature and enjoying life

  Author Zhou Yanling

  Breathing the moist and cool air, looking up at the stars, listening to the chirping of insects and birds, and falling asleep peacefully, this is Li Ping's daily life after retirement. In his words, "living in nature and enjoying life every day".

  During the "May 1st" period in 2021, Li Ping drove his RV with his wife and family dog ​​from Liaoning, all the way south, driving through more than ten provinces and cities in China. Go play like that, get to know the customs and customs of different places, and get close to nature.”

  A week ago, Li Ping parked his car at the RV camp in the service area of ​​the Sky Bridge in Pingtang, Guizhou, and admired the world's tallest concrete tower bridge, the Pingtang Bridge.

The first thing Li Ping does when he wakes up every day is to go to the viewing platform to see the bridge. In his opinion, the bridge has different scenery every day, and this is also the meaning of self-driving tour in an RV.

The picture shows Li Ping traveling by car from Liaoning.

Photo by Zhou Yanling

  In the RV camp, the reporter visited Li Ping's "mobile hut". Although the RV is not large in size, the space utilization rate is very high. It has an independent bathroom, stove, dining table, refrigerator, sofa, etc. The space is a double bed.

  Every time he went to a place, after he parked his RV, Li Ping would ride an electric bicycle or walk around to stroll around, or go to the village to buy some local products to taste.

In his spare time, he will go up the mountain to pick fruits and vegetables with the locals, and even help the villagers to do farm work to experience the life of a farmer.

  In the Sky Bridge service area, the reporter saw dozens of RVs of different styles parked in the RV camp. Most of the owners of the RVs are middle-aged and elderly people. Drinking tea and chatting on the chairs, some wash their clothes in the pool behind the RV, and some people recharge the car with water.

  In recent years, affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the private and comfortable travel method of RV camping has been heating up and has become a "new favorite" in the tourism industry. Some "silver-haired people" who "have money and leisure" will also choose this unique and trendy travel mode.

  "Everyone has a dream, and 60-year-olds also have a dream, that is, to travel around China and even the world in an RV in our lifetime." Yuan Fangfen, an old man who is driving a RV by himself, said that from 2021, he and his wife have been driving the RV by themselves. Tibet, Xinjiang, Yunnan and other places.

The picture shows the Pingtang Bridge in Guizhou.

Photo by Qu Honglun

  Yuan Fangfen, who has liked to be close to nature since she was a child, said frankly that she especially enjoys the life of "falling asleep listening to the stream and getting up listening to the birds". Although the self-driving car tour has made the home smaller, the yard has become larger, and you can play wherever you go. Where, if you park your car in a Dai village, you can be neighbors with the Dai people. If you get hungry, you can stop the car and eat hot pot.

  "Our equipment is very complete, including solar-powered mosquito repellents, pressure cookers, juicers, and various grains, oils, and rice noodles." Yuan Fangfen said that many RV campsites not only have water sources and power sources, but also public toilets and hot bathrooms, which are very convenient. .

  At present, Yuan Fangfen and her husband have driven more than 20,000 kilometers. Every day, she will take a short video of her RV life and share it on the Internet. Many young netizens leave messages below: "I want to live like this too" "Envy this kind of life"...

  Data show that China's RV sales have grown at a rate of 40% to 50% in the past two years.

Many elderly people who drive RVs and travel by themselves admit that compared with young and middle-aged drivers, elderly drivers are actually more cautious and more experienced in driving. They can avoid holidays and travel during the Golden Week. Home is where the car is.

The picture shows the RV camp in the Sky Bridge service area in Pingtang, Guizhou.

Photo by Zhou Yanling

  According to Deng Xiaohai, deputy director of the Guizhou Tourism Development Research Center of the Guizhou Academy of Social Sciences, with the accelerated aging of the population, the elderly tourism market is also booming. A certain economic foundation and the desire to improve the quality of life make "silver-haired people" one of the main forces of self-driving RV travel.

  Deng Xiaohai suggested that, in order to adapt to the rapidly developing RV tourism market, while accelerating the improvement of basic supporting facilities, it is necessary to highlight the richness of the supply of RV tourism products and services, from focusing on the development space to focusing on the development time change, and providing diversified professional consumption Activities, and constantly enrich the entertainment life of tourists.