Located in the hinterland of Xiaoxing'anling

It has the largest virgin forest of Korean pine in the world

Picturesque Korean pine forest.

Photo by Wang Zhifu


China's first dinosaur fossil unearthed

Known as the "Hometown of Dinosaurs"

Dinosaur Valley, Jiayin County Dinosaur National Geopark.

Provided by the Culture and Tourism Bureau of Jiayin County, Yichun City


It is the largest forest city in China

natural oxygen bar

Maolangou National Forest Park.

Provided by the Culture and Tourism Bureau of Jiayin County, Yichun City


"Lindu" Yichun

A place you must visit in your lifetime

There are stunning views of the four seasons

Jinshan Deer Garden in Jinlin District.

Photo by Wang Zhifu

Yichun in spring


Stroll through Huilongwan National Forest Park

Feel the breath of recovery

Here the valleys are deep and the streams and ponds are clear

Not only the exotic Russian-style garden

There is also the quaint and quiet Danlong Temple

Rhododendrons are blooming in Hongxing Volcanic Rock Geopark, Fenglin County, Yichun City.

Photo by Wang Zhifu

Yichun in summer


Boating in Maolangou Natural Scenic Area

Listening to the sound of the spring, watching the peaks, watching the waterfall

The mountain wind is fresh and refreshing

It's sunny and humid

A veritable summer resort

The autumn colors of Jinzu Peak in Jinlin District.

Photo by Wang Zhifu

Yichun in autumn


Walking in the forest, one step at a time

Every leaf is doing its best to show its splendor

This is the first batch of national forest health care bases in China

Awarded "China's Best Global Tourism Destination"

Receive nearly 10 million tourists annually

Yichun City Red Star Kurbin Rime.

Photo by Wang Zhifu

Yichun in winter

silver wrap

Watch the snowflakes fly

Enjoying the smog is like a dream

it's here

You can experience the "fast and furious" of skiing

You can also go forest hunting and hiking

Feel the deep integration of forest ice and snow and outdoor sports

Tourists ski at Tieli Riyuexia Ski Resort.

Photo by Wang Zhifu

Here is the world's largest virgin forest of Korean pine

Yichun is located in the northeast of Heilongjiang Province

Named after the Yichun River, a tributary of the Tangwang River

across the river from Russia

The territory is densely forested

33,000 square kilometers of land

The forest coverage rate reaches 83.8%

Over 100 precious tree species

Edelweiss blooms in the Wetland Reserve of Wuying Town, Fenglin County, Yichun City.

Photo by Wang Zhifu

The world's largest area

The best preserved virgin forest of Korean pine

A log cabin in Wuying National Forest Park, Fenglin County.

Photo by Wang Zhifu

Wander Wuying National Forest Park

Nearly 100 species of rare wild animals travel through the forest

At any time, you can encounter the "Northeast Beast" silly roe deer

"Northeast mythical beast" silly roe deer.

Photo by Wang Zhifu

Authentic mountain food here

Thorn sprouts, cucumber fragrance, mushrooms, pine nuts, fungus, etc.

Long-term growth and reproduction in the natural environment

It is the gift of nature to the people in the forest area

Snow pigs walk in Baoyu Forest Ecological Town.

Photo by Wang Ran

"Baoyu Snow Pig Hotpot" with forest snow pigs as ingredients

Jiangyu Banquet in Jiayin County and Health Banquet in Jiufeng Mountain

Sticky bean buns, frozen persimmons, candied haws and other specialties

Enough to soothe the mouth and stomach of all kinds of "foodies"

Winter fishing on the Heilongjiang River in Jiayin County is full of regional characteristics.

Photo by Wang Zhifu

Here is the spirit of resistance passed down from generation to generation

Zhao Shangzhi, Li Zhaolin, Feng Zhongyun, Xia Yunjie, etc.

Anti-Japanese generals fought here for a long time

Deep in the dense forest of Xiaoxing'anling

Sprinkled with the blood of the anti-union martyrs

"Red Site" Dajixing Village of Nancha County was born

The first member of the Communist Party of China in Yichunlin District

The first Anti-Japanese Salvation Congress

The first party organization after the victory of the Anti-Japanese War

27 young and middle-aged people from the whole village participated in the Anti-Japanese Union team

24 people died for the country

The Northeast Anti-Japanese Federation Spiritual Propaganda Team conducted traditional education and publicity at the Shangganling Anti-Japanese Federation Site.

Photo by Wang Zhifu

Here are the forest pioneers who are fighting the sky and the earth

More than 7,000 officers and soldiers in 1948

Forest pioneers represented by Ma Yongshun

Climbing the ice and lying on the snow, fighting the world

with axe and saw

Opened up the "Forest City"

More than 60 years

Provided a total of 270 million cubic meters of wood for the country


From 160 million in 1952

increased to more than 30 billion yuan

The beautiful scenery of "Five Flowers Mountain" in Jiayin County, Yichun City.

Provided by the Culture and Tourism Bureau of Jiayin County, Yichun City

There are warm and hospitable northeastern villagers

The enthusiasm and righteousness of the Northeast people

well known by all people

it's here

Teach you in minutes

What do you mean by "brothers within the four seas"?

Looking at each other on the street, a few words

may be dragged home

Big bowl of wine, big mouthful of meat

If you don't drink well, I can't let you go

Getting lost is impossible

It's likely to be delivered to you

Gotta bring some souvenirs

Food in the forest.

Photo by Wang Zhifu

people's life

Must go to Yichun

Here Jingmeirenshan did not say anything!

  Author: Xie Peihua Jiang Hui