• The emotion was at its height at the screening of "More than ever" whose team was very applauded.

  • Everyone thought of Gaspard Ulliel who died last January.

  • This film about the disease found an inevitable echo in reality.

"I'm happy, happy, happy, happy, happy to be here and to show our film," said director Emily Atef when presenting

More Than Ever

at the Cannes Film Festival with actress Vicky Krieps.

His emotion was palpable in front of the screen where the film was going to be projected, the last shot by Gaspar Ulliel.

Souvenirs from Norway

The two women, very dignified, forced themselves to smile but we felt that they were thinking of the actor who died last January, for whom this is the last film.

"A year ago, we were still in Norway filming and it was a wonderful moment," insisted Emily Atef before the room burst into applause.

Our dossier on the Cannes Film Festival

It was impossible to hold back tears in front of her film,

More than ever

, which evokes the illness of a dying young woman and her last moments with her husband.

The moments of happiness of the couple formed by Vicky Krieps and Gaspar Ulliel are filmed with remarkable modesty.

We necessarily think of the injustice of death which will separate them, too young, without them having been able to finish their life together.

The cheers that followed the screening vibrated with the intense emotion released by both the film and the reality.

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