It has been 19 years since the incident in Kumatori-cho, Osaka, where Yuri Yoshikawa, a fourth grader, went missing, and her parents called for information.

On May 20, 2003, Yuri Yoshikawa, a fourth grader in elementary school, went missing while leaving school in Kumatori-cho, Osaka, and police are investigating it as a kidnapping case.

The case remains unresolved, and it will be 19 years in 20 days. About 30 people, including father Eimei (61), mother Miwako (61), and police officers, will outline the case in the downtown area of ​​Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka. I handed out a tissue with a leaflet on which was written and called for information.

Then, on a large monitor installed in a nearby building, a photo of Yuri's face and her missing clothes were displayed.

In this case, a suspicious white car was witnessed near the scene, and police are investigating the owner of Toyota's "130 series crown" that seems to be this car, but no clue to solve the case has been obtained. Hmm.

Inspector Shintaro Mizufune of the Investigation Division 1 of the Osaka Prefectural Police Headquarters said, "The investigation may progress significantly with a little information. If you have any concerns, please provide information."

Information about the incident is accepted at the Investigation Headquarters 072-464-1234 of the Izumisano Police Station.