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In Dakar, African art also makes its market

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On the occasion of the Dakar Art Biennale, Jean-François Cadet received (from left to right) the art critic Sylvain Sankalé, the artist Marianne Senghor, the visual artist Kalidou Kassé and the gallery owner Thérèse Turpin Diatta.

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The 14th edition of the Dakar Biennale is one of the major events in Africa in the field of visual arts.

From May 19 to June 21, 2022, 59 artists from across the African continent and the diaspora have been selected to pay tribute to the creativity of contemporary African art.


The whole team of "You will tell me some news" is in Dakar, on the occasion of the 14th Biennale of contemporary art.

Dak'art 2022 is an international exhibition entitled "I Ndaffa#, forger / Out of the Fire", which brings together some 59 artists including 4 collectives, from 28 countries including 16 Africans and 12 from the diaspora.

It is an IN and OFF event with several hundred exhibitions, artists and cultural events.

A meeting that intends to demonstrate the dynamism of contemporary African art, as during the previous edition in 2018.

From the heart of the former Palais de Justice, one of the key locations of the international exhibition, a first broadcast dedicated to MIAD, the Dakar International Art Market, whose 1st official edition is taking place this year .

With us, four guests:

  • Kalidou Kassé

    , the brush of the Sahel, visual artist, initiator and curator of the first edition of MIAD, the Dakar International Art Market

  • Marianne Diakhère Senghor

    , Senegalese artist

  • Thérèse Turpin Diatta

    , gallery owner, she runs the Kemboury gallery in the Point E district of Dakar

  • Sylvain Sankalé

    , collector and art critic.

They are all members of the orientation committee of the 14th edition of the biennial.

OFF festival interview


For this 14th edition, the Dakar Biennale is also looking towards Mali.

Gadiaba Kodio


Marie Thouvenot

present this project entitled "Mali Bougou", which means "the village of Mali" in Bambara.

He is based at Clos-Normand in Dakar.


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