• The "Distinguished Gentleman's Ride" is a parade of bikers in classic costumes that will take place this year on Sunday, May 22 in more than 115 countries.

  • The movement aims to change the image of bikers and raise funds for prostate cancer research and men's mental health.

  • In Toulouse, the parade should bring together between 150 and 200 motorcycles which will leave Pont-Neuf at 11 a.m., heading for Port Viguerie.

Do bikers scare you?

You may change your mind this Sunday.

The 2022 edition of "The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride" promises to be lustrous: vintage or neo-retro motorcycles, three-piece suits and bow ties, the two-wheeled parade of "distinguished gentlemen" wants to break the image of the rogue biker.

115 countries and 48 French cities take part in the world event on the same day.

In Toulouse, Patrice Gabas, president of the Capitole Gentlemen Motorcycle association, organizes the parade after two blank years due to Covid-19.

He hopes to bring together 200 gentlemen… and women because "there are more and more women, bikers and passengers", he rejoices.

The Ladies and Gentlemen Ride is not for now, but Emmanuelle Coquereau, member of the association, will ride her red Speed ​​twin on Sunday to "motivate future bikers".

In this male environment, she welcomes the evolution of mentalities: “of course, there is still sexism!

Even if most of the time they are not aware of it.

But now women pilots are recognized by their peers, we see more and more female mechanics, who are often very talented.

And now, when we organize events between female bikers, men want to participate!

fun the Toulouse dynamic well in his boots.

For the good cause

Behind the parade, the movement aims to raise awareness.

Australian Mark Hawwa launched the first Ride in Sydney in 2012.

Inspired by a famous photo of Don Draper's character (

Mad Men

), he wanted to fight negative stereotypes associated with bikers and mobilize this community around men's health.

Proceeds from the parades have since been donated, via Movember​, to prostate cancer research and mental health and suicide prevention programs.

“Being a gentleman is a matter of choice.

Ours is to help just causes with style,” says Patrice Gabas.

Even if a few "sporty" motorcycles are sometimes accepted, the movement strives to keep its founding principle: classic, vintage, custom or neo-retro machines, ridden by stylish bikers.

A "prize of elegance" will also be awarded on Sunday to the three most beautiful machines by a jury made up of representatives of the main brands of machinery.


The technical control of two-wheelers must be in place by October 1, 2022, decides the Council of State


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