China News Service, Beijing, May 19 (Reporter Xia Bin) The research report "Hong Kong Youth Employment Competitiveness in the Greater Bay Area" jointly released by HSBC and the Hong Kong Youth Association Youth Research Center on the 19th shows that over 80% (84%) of Respondents found career development opportunities in mainland cities in the Greater Bay Area to be quite attractive.

In addition, market size (84%) and training opportunities (70%) are also the advantages of mainland cities that Hong Kong youth value.

  The research was carried out for students from grade 3 and above in Hong Kong tertiary institutions and completed through an online questionnaire between March and December 2021.

The survey found that among the 720 interviewed Hong Kong university students who are interested in developing in mainland cities in the Greater Bay Area, the three industries they most want to work in are "culture and creativity", "financial services" and "technology and innovation". The city of choice is Shenzhen (53%), followed by Guangzhou (19%).

  The study also asked respondents to assess their own competitiveness through the "Five Skills Framework for Employment in the Greater Bay Area".

The results show that the interviewed college students believe that their most competitive advantages in the Greater Bay Area are professional ethics, flexibility, etc., while the scores of digital skills are relatively low.

  The study also found that 70% of the respondents believed that Hong Kong youth lacked understanding of the development opportunities in the Greater Bay Area, while the challenges faced by Hong Kong youth in the development of the Mainland mainly lie in three aspects, including lack of human resources and competition for talents from other cities in the Mainland. and lack of understanding of the mainland legal system.

  The survey results also showed that the respondents indicated that they would be better prepared to seize opportunities in the Greater Bay Area by participating in work experience programs or internships in the Greater Bay Area, learning about the industries they are interested in, and participating in exchange activities to understand the Greater Bay Area. Prepare.

  Chen Qingyao, vice president of HSBC China and general manager of the Greater Bay Area Office, said that according to statistics, there are currently more than 85,000 residents in Hong Kong and Macau working in Guangdong.

If Hong Kong wants to share more of the economic achievements of the Greater Bay Area, it needs to let young people understand the diverse development of the entire region.

  Wei Meimei, deputy director-general of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, suggested that companies increase internship opportunities in the Greater Bay Area, and provide opportunities for job rotation and on-the-job training in multiple cities, so as to strengthen the professional skills of Hong Kong youth and promote talent flow.