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Headlines: Biden's first Asian tour, under threats from China and North Korea

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South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin greets US President Joe Biden upon his arrival at the Osan military base, May 20, 2022. © AP/Evan Vucci

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As Joe Biden begins a 5-day tour of Asia this May 20 in Seoul which will end next week in Japan, Beijing is firing red balls, denouncing " 

a visit of destruction

 ", reports the



While speculation, adds the British daily, is also intensifying " 

on a possible provocation by North Korea which could carry out a nuclear test during the stay of the American president


In Beijing's sights, " 

the Asian pivot that Joe Biden intends to implement

 ", explains the

South China Morning Post


Clearly, underlines the Hong Kong daily, “ 

the containment of China

 ” under the leadership of the American leadership in the region “ 

with its Asian allies which are South Korea, Japan, India and Australia


Hence the fury of Beijing, which storms and threatens " 

to firmly defend its fundamental interests

 ", as the

Global Times reminds us. 

The Chinese nationalist daily which notably warns the United States “ 

against any interference in the question of Taiwan


this is China's red line: " 

to intensify the manipulation of Taiwan is to strike a match on the edge of the biggest powder keg between China and the United States

 ", hammers the editorialist of the

Global Times

who still castigates " 

a major strategic error, of which it will be too late to repent


Moscow is using the global wheat shortage to demand the lifting of sanctions 

Russia will only lift the blockade of Ukrainian ports if the sanctions are reviewed

 ", reports the


, which underlines that Moscow also accuses " 

these sanctions of being at the origin of the world food crisis

 ", and this after the United Nations asked Russia " 

to open the ports to avoid the famine which threatens millions of people in the world



43 countries are on the brink of starvation

 ,” reports the

New York Times.

276 million people are facing acute food insecurity

 ", while grain exports from Ukraine are reduced " 

to a third

 " of what they were before the war.

Not enough to move Russia, which cynically criticizes the West " 

for taking the entire developing world hostage and pushing it towards famine

 ", notes the American daily.

The Taliban are now going after female Afghan TV presenters

9 months after regaining power in Kabul, the Taliban “ 

ordered female TV presenters to cover their faces on air

 ,” reports the




A final and non-negotiable order

 ” from the Ministry of Virtue and Morals, further underlines the British daily which describes how several presenters and presenters “ 

posted their photos on social networks with a face mask while presenting their programs

 ” .

One of them with this comment: " 

A woman is being erased

by order of the Ministry of Virtue


A hard line from the Taliban which confirms " 

the worst fears of human rights defenders

 ", comments the


, while at the beginning of the month already " 

they ordered all women to wear the burqa in space public


Should we be worried about the monkeypox epidemic?

All the daily newspapers are wondering today when " 

several dozen suspected or confirmed cases of Monkeypox, monkey pox, have been detected since the beginning of the month in several European countries and in North America

 ", explains

Le Temps

raising fears of the beginning of the spread of this disease which is endemic in West Africa



A rare and generally mild disease

 ”, tries to reassure the

Washington Post

whose symptoms “ 

resemble those of the flu with lesions, swollen pustules on the body


It is “ 

a viral infection which is transmitted by contact

 ”, explains

La Repubblica

, which encourages its readers “ 

to be careful in sexual relations


In Spain where 7 cases have already been detected " 

the authorities have in any case already launched the purchase of thousands of vaccines against traditional smallpox

 ", tells us El Pais while there is no " 

specific vaccine against Monkeypox

 " .

Great Britain is also starting to “ 

Store thousands of doses to offer them to contact persons of positive cases

 ”, reports the


for its part .


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