China News Service, Mudanjiang, May 20 (Gao Haisheng reporter Wang Lin) Heilongjiang Province Suiyang Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. announced on the 20th that the footprints of adult wild Siberian tigers were recently found in Suiyang Forest District.

According to the monitoring results, since October 2017, a total of 10 Siberian tigers and 18 Siberian leopards of different individuals have been monitored and identified in the forest area.

  Suiyang Forest District is located at the junction of China's Heilongjiang Province, Jilin Province and Russia's Primorsky Krai.

In order to improve the ecological environment and bring Siberian tigers and leopards back to the mountain forest, China began to implement the natural forest resource protection project in 1998. The Heilongjiang Forest Industrial Forest Region completely stopped commercial logging in 2014, and the Suiyang Forest Region started the process from logging to forest protection. era.

Photo courtesy of Suiyang Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. staff measuring the footprints of wild Siberian tigers

  Recently, Cong Dechen, a patrolman from the Xilinhe Management Office of Suiyang Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd., found suspected tiger footprints while patrolling the 44th forest class. After the expert appraisal of the Suiyang Bureau of the China National Park Administration of the Northeast Tiger and Leopard, it was confirmed that he was an adult. Siberian tiger footprints.

  Liang Zhuo, deputy director of Heilongjiang Laoyeling Siberian Tiger National Nature Reserve Administration, said: "In Suiyang Forest District, almost all forest sites outside the scope of Tiger and Leopard Park have found tiger tracks. The leopard park is 150 kilometers long, which also shows the effectiveness of protecting the ecological environment and protecting the Siberian tigers and leopards."

The picture shows the footprints of the Siberian tiger found in the Suiyang forest area, courtesy of Suiyang Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd.

  According to the monitoring results, since October 2017, more than 200 Siberian leopard images and 190 Siberian tiger images have been monitored in Suiyang Forest District, Heilongjiang Province. After pattern comparison, 10 Siberian tigers and 18 Siberian leopards were identified. .

In September 2020, the Siberian Tiger and Leopard China National Park completed the pilot acceptance.

  In today's Suiyang forest area, especially in the Tiger and Leopard Park, there are flocks of pigs and deer, tigers and leopards appear frequently, gorals, brown bears, yellow-throated marten, etc. also break into the surveillance video from time to time. This is consistent with the implementation of Suiyang Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. The construction of "five first-class" is inseparable, that is to achieve first-class protection and scientific research management, build first-class professional team, configure first-class facilities and equipment, create first-class publicity and education work, and create first-class protection area.