On May 19, the 2022 "China Tourism Day" Tibet branch event was held in Lhasa.

During the event, Tibet research tourism products were officially released, involving modules such as ecology, sports, art, folklore, astronomy and geography, and patriotism education.

This was implemented on the same day as the Tibet Autonomous Region's "Several Measures on Launching Local Tourism Activities to Promote the Healthy Development of the Tourism Industry".

In the past two days, activities to promote local tourism in Tibet have been released one after another, which has also released a signal that Tibet will boost the confidence of the tourism industry and stimulate the vitality of the tourism market in the region on the premise of strictly doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control. .

(The video of Le Xiaomin produced by reporter Zhao Lang comes from the Tibet Autonomous Region Special Tourism Association)

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]