China News Service, Lanzhou, May 20 (Zhang Jing) The reporter learned from the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Gansu Province on the 20th that the province encourages outstanding talents to flow to the grass-roots front line, and evaluates and employs intermediate titles for more than 20 years of work, and work for 30 years. Rural professional and technical talents in difficult and remote areas with senior professional titles for more than 10 years are allowed to be listed separately; institutions are allowed to break through the total number of permanent positions, the highest level and the structure ratio, and set up special positions for qualified high-level and urgently needed talents.

  It is reported that this move is to implement various reform measures for post management and open recruitment of grassroots institutions.

For grass-roots professional and technical personnel who have been engaged in education, medical and health care, rural technology extension services, and rural practical technology for a long time in difficult and remote areas, in the evaluation weight, focus on examining the actual work ability, appropriately relax the requirements for academic qualifications, majors and tenure of service, and increase love. Dedication performance, actual work performance, working years and other evaluation weights.

  Up to now, Gansu has accumulated 10,135 senior positions and 4,292 intermediate positions for rural teachers and rural professional and technical talents in difficult and remote areas, effectively smoothing the channels for talent promotion.

  In recent years, the Gansu Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security has actively promoted the reform of talent classification and evaluation for talents in different industries, fields and different job types, giving full play to the role of the "baton" of talent evaluation, and maximizing the innovation and entrepreneurship of various talents.

  The Gansu Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security stated that in expanding the career development space of grass-roots talents, it is allowed to evaluate effective professional titles from the grass-roots level to the senior level; in the promotion channel, after the grass-roots talents obtain the effective professional titles at the grass-roots level, they can also participate in the province's effective professional title evaluation. Realize the "dual channel" promotion title.

Since the new round of professional title system reform, a total of 47,000 grass-roots talents in the province have obtained senior professional titles, and policy dividends have benefited more grass-roots talents.

  At the same time, Gansu has improved the talent evaluation standards.

On the basis of occupational attributes and job requirements, a scientific and reasonable talent evaluation system and dynamic adjustment mechanism with different emphasis have been established and improved, and 16 macro guidance policies have been issued successively, and 52 provincial and 10 grass-roots effective evaluation criteria have been issued .

  At present, Gansu Province has a total of 26 professional title series, newly added majors in human resources training, express delivery engineering, artificial intelligence and intellectual property, and has formed a talent evaluation system that combines national standards, provincial standards, provincial grassroots standards and unit standards. "What are you doing?".

In order to get rid of the "four-only" phenomenon of only papers, only professional titles, only academic qualifications, and only awards, the province is also canceling the "threshold" condition of 1 core journal paper for primary and secondary school teachers and health care series.

At the same time, in the health series, the restrictive requirement that senior professional titles must be evaluated at a lower level must have at least one outstanding annual assessment.