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YouTuber Lee Geun, a former captain of the Naval Special Warfare Group who participated in the Ukrainian War that was attacked by Russia, will return to Korea soon.

The Ukrainian International Brigade announced on the official SNS on the 19th local time that former Captain Lee was injured on the battlefield, saying, "Our brother and friend with a gun, Captain Ken Lee (former Captain Lee's English name), told the medical staff of the Ukrainian Army. He received treatment, but he plans to return to Korea for rehabilitation.”

He also expressed his gratitude for Lee Geun, who volunteered for the international volunteer army, saying, "He will resume his service soon. He will come back to protect the Ukrainian people as soon as possible." He publicly expressed his hopes for a comeback.

It is known that Geun Lee was recently injured while commanding a special reconnaissance mission.

"He was injured while on a mission in the south of Ukraine," Lee Geun said.

Earlier, in an interview with SBS Entertainment News, Lee Geun said, "I left for Ukraine because I thought it was a sin to do nothing while watching domestic news reporting on the tragedy in Ukraine." He said, "I carried out a dangerous operation against the Russian army in Ukraine." there is a bar

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)