China News Service, Shanghai, May 20 (Zhou Zhuao) The reporter learned from Shanghai Metro on the 20th that from May 22, 2022, Shanghai Rail Transit Line 3, Line 6, Line 10, and Line 16 will resume. Operation, operating hours are 7:00-20:00, other lines are still suspended.

In the follow-up, Shanghai Metro will adjust the capacity in a timely manner or increase the lines for resumption of operation according to the situation of epidemic prevention and control.

  It is understood that among the lines to be resumed this time, Line 3 connects Shanghai Railway Station and Shanghai South Railway Station hub, and runs through the central urban area, and can be transferred to Line 10 at Hongqiao Road Station; Line 10 connects Hongqiao Hub and runs through the center In the urban area, you can transfer to Line 6 at Pudong Gangcheng Road Station; Line 6 and Line 16 are the main lines serving Pudong New Area.

  It should be noted that from May 22, only 107 stations of the four subway lines of Lines 3, 6, 10 and 16 will resume operation, and each line will only provide time-lapse operation services from 7:00 to 20:00.

During the period, the first and last trains at the starting and ending stations of the line are both at 7:00 and 20:00, and the departure time of passing stations will be postponed according to the train operation map.

Before going out, passengers must know in advance whether there is a subway line that can be reached according to the travel destination, and plan the travel route.

  Shanghai Metro reminds that passengers taking the Shanghai Metro should scan the "place code" before entering the station, and take the initiative to show the "health code" during the security check. When riding the subway, they must wear masks in the whole process, and actively cooperate with the station to "measure their body temperature".

In the follow-up, on the basis of the initial resumption of operation of the current 4 lines, Shanghai Metro will adjust the capacity in a timely manner according to the city's epidemic prevention and control situation, or increase the lines for resumption of operation, and release it to the public in a timely manner.

  It is understood that in accordance with the epidemic prevention requirements of "early detection and early disposal", 449 subway stations, 37 bases and control centers have achieved full coverage of "site codes".

Starting from May 5, Shanghai Metro adopted a map-running method to run in and verify facilities and equipment, carried out no-load trial operation of the entire network, and promptly repaired the exposed problems.

  In mid-May, Shanghai Metro carried out a special campaign for cleaning and disinfection of rail transit areas, including preventive disinfection of all stations and trains, in accordance with the "Work Plan for Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection in the Municipal Transportation Industry" and the actual situation of epidemic prevention and control.

At the same time, key places such as subway bases, tunnels, control centers, commercial facilities, office spaces and other areas were disinfected, and the cleaning and disinfecting of train compartments and ventilation systems were also strengthened, and the frequency of replacement of train air-conditioning filters was increased to ensure that every car The on-line trains are in good condition and ready for a gradual resumption of operations.