A man in Higashiomi City, Shiga Prefecture, has published a timetable for the Shinkansen inspection-only vehicle "Doctor Yellow," which is said to "make you happy when you see it" because you do not know when to drive, and it has become a hot topic. ..

The "phantom Shinkansen" is almost certainly seen, and its timetable also brings happiness to the area.

"Doctor Yellow" is a yellow Shinkansen dedicated to checking while driving on the Shinkansen tracks, and since the timetable is not open to the public, it is said by railroad fans that "it makes me happy when I see it."

Isao Takahata (69), a photography enthusiast in Higashiomi City, predicts the driving date and time based on the date and time when Doctor Yellow was shot and sightings on SNS, and publishes his own timetable and calendar.

This was distributed to more than 10 places such as a kindergarten in the neighborhood and a local public hall, and on the 18th, a child in a children's institution where the Shinkansen line can be seen from the garden visited Doctor Yellow.

When Doctor Yellow appeared at the predicted 1:48 pm, the children were delighted to speak out all at once.

Miyuki Hasegawa, director of Gokaso Asahi Infant Garden, said, "Children are delighted, but we are also excited. I am grateful for the good experience."

Mr. Nishimura wanted to share the excitement of seeing Doctor Yellow for the first time, and since he started issuing timetables six years ago, the prediction was sometimes wrong at the beginning, but now it can be predicted almost certainly. It means that it is.

Mr. Nishimura said, "It's okay to see it by chance, but if you know in advance that you're passing by and look at it for a few seconds, you'll be really impressed. There are people waiting, so I'd like to continue as much as possible. I'm talking.