A 24-year-old resident who was arrested on suspicion of computer fraud for transferring a part of the 46.3 million yen benefit that was mistakenly transferred from Abu Town, Yamaguchi Prefecture to another account, made a mistake in the town I noticed that I had been withdrawing money from the day I asked for a refund, according to an interview with the people concerned.

The police are investigating the details of the investigation, saying that they said that they used the money at the online casino.

Sho Taguchi, an unemployed person in Abu Town, Yamaguchi Prefecture (24), is an online payment service on his smartphone, knowing that he had mistakenly deposited 46.3 million yen in total for the special special benefits of the country transferred from the town in April. There is a suspicion of computer fraud, saying that 4 million yen of this amount was transferred from one's own account to the account of a payment agent using.

The town noticed the mistake on April 8 and requested that Taguchi visit his home to apologize and process the return, but according to the people concerned, when he spent more than 670,000 yen on that day. I found out that I was withdrawing with "debit payment" which is immediately deducted.

Taguchi has withdrawn the full amount of the 46.3 million yen transferred 34 times in the 11 days until April 18, and the police said, "I used the money at the online casino." It means that you are making a statement.

Police are investigating the details of the situation by analyzing the seized smartphones.