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[Editor Jeon Min-jae] The victim of being victimized by Garam Kim, a member of the group Le Seraphim, who had been embroiled in controversy over school violence before her debut, opened her mouth.

Victim A said today (19th) through her legal representative Daeryun, "I transferred to another school after being bullied by Kim Ga-ram and (his) friends, but I made an extreme choice due to the false rumors that I was forced to transfer due to my own fault and the second offense. It has come to an attempt," he said, confirming that Kim Ga-ram's allegations of school violence were true.

Mr. A said that Kim Ga-ram's notification of the results of the School Violence Countermeasures Autonomous Committee (hereafter referred to as the School Violence Committee), which was recently controversial over the authenticity of the online community, also matches the actual notification.

According to Mr. A, it was a third person, not himself, who first disclosed the fact that Kim Ga-ram had committed school violence to the online community, but it was written by Mr.

Also, at the time of the first exposure, when Ga-ram Kim's agency, Hive and Source Music, expressed their position that "Kim Ga-ram is a victim, not a perpetrator of school violence," it was revealed that the harm and threats against Mr. A became more intense.

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Person A urged Hive to △ delete the statement and re-express her position △ apologize to Mr. A, but Hive said that he pushed through the activities of Re Seraphim without revealing any particular position.

Currently, Mr. A has expressed his intention to withdraw from the school due to the continuing pain.

Daeryun, the legal representative of Victim A, made a clear official stance towards the agency, while avoiding mentioning the specifics of the school violence that Kim Ga-ram committed to the victim.

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A's legal representative said, "If Hive continues to maintain the position that 'the allegation is malicious abuse and Kim Ga-ram is the victim' without a sincere apology to the victim, this law firm will protect the minor victim as a result of school violence, including a case summary. We will disclose the full text of the notice.”

In addition, he announced that he would release the full text of the victim's detailed statement and swear words from Kim Ga-ram, which contained the true facts of school violence committed by Kim Ga-ram and her friends at the time.

The truth of 'Kim Garam School Violence', which had been raised before her debut, seemed to be fading as the agency's official position, but with the recent appearance of Kim Garam's 'School Violence Result Notice', the truth of his perpetration has been confirmed online.

However, even when new evidence appeared, the agency maintained its position, saying, "There is no change from the previous statement. We will legally clarify Kim's suspicions."

(Photo = Reporter Baek Seung-cheol, Hive Source Music Le Seraphim official website)

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