The evolution of the gambling industry has changed the advertising industry for decades. It is responsible for raising people's interest in online gambling scenarios. The development of new technologies creates "breakthrough moments" in the history of online advertising. This revolution has made online casino games a new normal. It is now becoming a part of people's daily lives.

Besides, recent changes in the advertising environment have enabled new marketing strategies. This has led online media marketers to shift their budgets from primitive to interactive sources. Interactive marketing tools are affordable, valuable, and more inspiring to get a direct response from consumers. 

 The Dutch game agency has released a new set of advertising rules in light of these factors. As of October 1, 2021, all gambling facilities must follow these guidelines. In addition, the Dutch gambling industry has created promo codes for online casinos.

Dutch authorities to regulate advertising abuse on minor gamblers 

Two Dutch trade associations, VAN Kansspelen and Vergun de Nederlandse Online Kansspelaanbieders, have established a gambling advertising committee. It may target minors and adolescents between the ages of 18-24. KSA said that ads with "bonus promotions for young people" are banned. Authorities added that this made young people crazy about gambling. However, these types of activities are vulnerable to gambling companies. And this victimised them in serious legal issues for violating the law.

Regulators are urging young people and minors on the platform to report cases of online gambling. Advertising this voluntary code of conduct can prevent the abuse of gambling, especially among children. KSA reportedly banned television and radio from promoting casino bonuses.

Netherlands' new guidance on online gambling & advertising 

The KSA aims at vulnerable groups' use of role models in advertisements like- sports teams & athletes. In case an advertisement is found assessing minors, KSA state authorities should consider it-


To explain the language, product, and design used for advertising. And does this ad appeal to vulnerable groups? 

Location & time

Where are the commercials broadcast? B. Family programs, children's programs. And the availability of advertising for childcare and secondary school. 

Target audience 

How old is the audience? Which account is used for targeting? And how much does the media support it?


Which media is visibly present around the handles of television, radio shows, and social media. 

Reach of role model

Licensee should investigate the outreach of the minor role model before working together. All channels related to the role model should be linked. The model range numbers at the start of cooperation are correct. 

Substantial reach 

KSA did not consider a significant range between 25-30%. However, this term does not apply to the meaning of the law. 

These all are new gambling rules that must be followed in order to promote pay per call casinos. If it's not followed, entities need to face jurisdiction as per the Terms of Service. Hopefully, people will be aware of the new gambling advertising rules. They can now promote online casinos under these regulations.