Pumps are being installed at the water intake facility in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, where large-scale leaks have made it impossible to pump water.According to Aichi Prefecture, industrial water can be taken in from 10 am on the 19th. On the other hand, it is difficult to secure water for agriculture during the 19th.

On the 17th, a large-scale leak occurred at the water intake facility in the Yahagi River in Toyota City, making it impossible to pump up from the intake, and the supply of agricultural water was stopped. As soon as the water is exhausted, the water supply will stop.

The Tokai Regional Agricultural Administration Bureau, which manages the facility, installed a clay sac in the river as an emergency measure to make it easier for water to collect, and by the morning of the 19th, installed 42 pumps from the river to the intake channel for industrial water. It supplies water, and according to Aichi Prefecture, it became possible to take in industrial water at the water purification plant at 10 am.

It is expected that the required amount of water will be almost secured if all pumps are in operation, but the Agricultural Administration Bureau is rushing to work because the amount of water has not reached a sufficient amount so far due to a malfunction of the hose and pump.

On the other hand, regarding agricultural water, the Ministry of Agriculture says that it is difficult to install the required number of pumps within the 19th.

Hiroshi Otsubo, Deputy Director of the Agricultural Land Disaster Prevention Office of the Tokai Regional Agricultural Administration Bureau, said, "I worked overnight, but I am working on dealing with problems. I would like to install as many pumps as possible, including agricultural water." increase.