How will love last after "Love Bros."

  The single mode of operation is difficult to have repeat customers, and the Internet celebrity museum is facing industry reshuffle

  After the initial freshness has passed, many Internet celebrity museums in Jinan are going through a period of pain and transformation.

The reporter visited a number of Internet celebrity museums in Jinan and found that there are fewer and fewer pure exhibition museums in the theme category, and they are gradually transformed into interactive experience museums. Become a star art exhibition hall.

Affected by the epidemic, some Internet celebrity museums have been suspended, but there are also new experience museums, and the industry is undergoing a reshuffle.

  Text/film reporter Shi Peilei Li Jing

  Wang Kaizhi Zhang Xikun

 The Museum of Broken Relationships has become an art gallery

  On the morning of May 17th, people in Jinan Kuanhouli came and went. Mr. Wang, who came to play, came to the Museum of Broken Relationships on the third floor. He had checked the guide on the Internet before, and he was more curious, so he planned to stop by, but let him Disappointingly, the Museum of Broken Relationships did not open that day.

  Compared with Kuanhouli Alley, the passenger flow on the third floor is much less.

On the 17th, the reporter saw at the scene that the signboard of the Starry Sky Art Museum was still hanging on the door of the Museum of Broken Relationships.

  According to a group buying app, the store opened in about 2019 and has sold more than 29,000 tickets. The ticket price is 45 yuan, and the student ticket is 35 yuan.

Afterwards, the reporter called the store owner. According to him, some time ago, due to the epidemic, people went out less, and there were very few tourists in the tolerant place. Later, in order to cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control, he temporarily closed the store and planned to go to the next Come over Chow to pack up and reopen.

The owner said that at first they only did exhibitions on the theme of lovelorn, and then gradually added elements such as the Starry Sky Art Exhibition to attract tourists to check in.

  The reporter learned that in May 2019, the Museum of Broken Relationships opened in Jinan. Because of its novelty, it attracted many young men and women to visit.

There are many kinds of emotional quotations hanging in the museum, and stickers, letters and emotional sustenance items written on love and feelings are pasted in the small exhibition room.

According to reports, a lovelorn museum near Hongjialou in Jinan, with the help of Douyin and WeChat Moments, welcomed more than 5,000 people to check in in 4 days.

  After 2019, Jinan has opened four or five lovelorn museums one after another.

The reporter saw from the group purchase app that two lovelorn museums have been suspended, and the phone number of the merchant was displayed as an empty or wrong number.

In addition, two other museums of broken love have joined the Star Art Museum elements.

  The Hongjialou Broken Relationship Museum, which was once a smash hit, has now moved to a nearby shopping mall.

The reporter learned from the owner that there are still some elements of the theme of lovelorn, but it accounts for a small part. Now it mainly deals with star art.

When asked why, the owner did not want to say more, but said that the Museum of Broken Relationships did have a lot of people at the beginning, but after a long time, many people felt that it was not new, and the flow of people gradually decreased.

In the user evaluation, the reporter saw that the self-operated lovelorn museum has a limited scale, and the exhibition content is similar, which is also one of the important factors affecting the customer experience.

Many Internet celebrity museums are facing transformation

  In addition to the lovelorn-themed museums, Jinan also has other types of Internet celebrity museums.

In the northeast corner of Jinan Quancheng Square, there used to be a black museum, which was an exhibition hall for popularizing various types of mental illnesses. Each room was the theme of a type of illness. It displayed mental patients from the dimensions of listening, speaking and seeing. world.

On a travel app, the store's ticket is 79 yuan, and more than 900 tickets have been sold.

  The Internet shows that the museum is still open, but the reporter visited on the 16th and found that the black museum has been closed and has now been remodeled into a haunted house-themed entertainment project.

An employee in the store told reporters that the store owner is still the same person, but the project has changed.

The operation of the previous black-themed pavilion was not ideal, and very few people came to visit.

More than half a year ago, after the store was replaced by a haunted house, the effect was very good.

When it first opened, the queues were all tens of meters away.

The clerk said that compared with themed exhibitions, haunted houses are more experiential and exciting, and are more in line with the entertainment preferences of young people.

  Recently, Jinan's first Upside-Down Museum has become a place for new Internet celebrities to check in.

In the Upside Down Museum, furniture such as tables, chairs, cabinets and beds are all hung from the ceiling, creating a feeling of "the world is upside down".

Although it is very prosperous at present, the operators are also very worried that after the freshness passes, customers will be lost.

After all, they have invested 40,000 to 500,000 yuan in the early stage, and they have to pay more than 10,000 yuan in rent every month. The operating pressure is not small.

They are figuring out how to make the Upside Down Museum go smoothly and have a better future.

  How does the Internet celebrity museum survive?

  Jinan's self-operated Internet celebrity museum is undergoing a transformation.

The content of static visit is not very attractive to young people. There are more and more storefronts that focus on experience and participation, and create a rich check-in environment for young people.

The industry is undergoing a reshuffle, with some stores closing their doors, but also new ones opening.

  It is understood that the current self-operated Internet celebrity museums in the market mostly rely on selling tickets to make profits.

Under this kind of profit method, it is difficult to welcome repeat customers. Once the novelty is over, the store will face great operating pressure.

So, how does the Internet celebrity museum survive and how does it become popular?

The survival model of the "Little Guanghan" Film Museum in the old commercial area of ​​Jinan is to openly gather popularity, operate on the basis of popularity, and use operating income to feed back the museum business.

This may provide a new way of thinking for the operation of Internet celebrity museums: whether to rely on the museum itself to generate revenue, or to rely on the popularity attracted by the museum to generate revenue?