• Tom Cruise was in Cannes this Wednesday to present the sequel to “Top Gun” out of competition.

  • If the star snubbed the media by refusing interviews and TV shows, she still optimized her day to the delight of her fans, photographers and festival-goers.

  • Tom Cruise was not stingy with anecdotes about his career during a meeting in public which only ended an hour before the climb of the steps of “Top Gun: Maverick”.

We were expecting it on the Croisette and it did not disappoint!

Tom Cruise appeared very chic at the photocall of

Top Gun: Maverick

by John Kosinsky, screened this evening out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival.

He was even more relaxed in the face of Didier Allouch's questions during a meeting in front of a thousand enthusiastic people.

The star had taken the time to change and swap his blue suit for a much cooler sweater, putting his muscles in value.

Tom Cruise was not stingy with secrets about his job.

The daredevil known for performing his own stunts admits to being scared when he puts his life in danger, a habit he picked up when he was 4 years old: "I jumped out of my bedroom window with a parachute I had made from my sheets, he recalls.

Fortunately, the floor was wet and I didn't kill myself, but I saw thirty-six candles for the first time, not counting what my mother said when she saw the state of the sheets!


love of risk

However, the actor readily admits that he likes to take risks.

“Did we ask Gene Kelly why he danced and sang in his films?, he wonders.

Stunts are my area of ​​expertise and I can thus offer an immersive experience to the spectators because I know how I am filmed.

“Since his debut in Harold Becker's


, Tom Cruise has learned his trade on the sets, tirelessly questioning technicians from all positions to understand how cinema works.

"Learning, always learning, that's what I believe in, even if I'm wrong, I always come out of a project, strong in what I've learned by putting it into practice.


What Tom Cruise wants above all else is to please the public.

“It's my main concern, I always want to do better to satisfy the spectators, he insists.

I don't think in the short term.

It's not just the weekend of the release that interests me, but the career of the film over time.

For Tom Cruise, feature films must first be released in theaters, even if he accepts that they continue their lives on other media.

“I make my films for the big screen, he insists.

And I go indoors a lot, hidden under a cap.

I love watching the trailers…”

Tom Cruise @Festival_Cannes @20Minutes pic.twitter.com/Jjz4nVhl67

— Vié Caroline (@Caroklouk) May 18, 2022

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Director Christopher McQuarrie claims that "as soon as Tom Cruise achieves one goal, he invents another."

The interested party does not protest and admits to imagining new stories all the time.

Work is everything for this hard worker who does not want the public to realize it.

“I try lots of things and too bad if there is waste, he comments.

The viewer should not be aware of our efforts.


Top Gun: Maverick

testifies to this requirement and one can think that the film will know a triumph this evening in Cannes before Tom Cruise flies away for new adventures.

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