She is the almighty mother of more than 1,000 "Fuwa"

Yang Shouwei: Letting orphaned children live a stable life is the greatest wish

  "As a party member, I will try my best to spread the care and warmth of the party in the rough life of orphaned children." Yang Shouwei, the representative of the 12th Party Congress of Shandong Province, is the vice president of Weifang Children's Welfare Institute.

For 22 years, she has been sticking to the front line of caring for orphaned children.

Under her careful care, more than 1,000 children have called her "mom", and more than 400 children have found adoptive parents and have their own homes.

Yang Shouwei with the children.

Photo courtesy of the interviewee

  Reporter Du Yahui

Hear "Mom"

Her heart softened immediately

  The children in the Weifang Children's Welfare Institute have a severe disability rate of over 90%.

  22 years ago, when he first walked into the orphanage, Yang Shouwei was still shocked by the sight in front of him, even though he thought he was mentally prepared.

"The children's condition and image have far exceeded my expectations." Yang Shouwei said that here, cleft lip and palate, cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, anal atresia, congenital heart disease, ichthyosis, intellectual disability, limb disability, hand and foot deformity etc., are common diseases, and even AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis A, hepatitis B and other infectious diseases.

  The job of Yang Shouwei and his colleagues is to feed and feed these children, to urinate the feces, and to watch the night on duty.

Needless to say, going to bed late and getting up early, the continuous crying, the unpredictable smell of stool, and the children's sudden loss of control all test the newly appointed "mother".

Especially in the night shift at night, after the children fall asleep, Yang Shouwei has to turn around in circles to check the situation, and he has to prick up his ears to hear if the children are breathing. I am looking forward to the sun rising soon.

  Can I do this job?

Yang Shouwei hesitated, resisting this kind of life instinctively.

  But whenever she walked into the courtyard, grabbed each of her little hands, and hugged these "hearts" and "little padded jackets" into her arms, she felt her heart soften immediately.

"Mom!" "Mom!" The children called out to Yang Shouwei in young voices.

"At that moment, I really wanted to hug them, kiss them, raise and raise them well, and I couldn't think of anything else."

To take care of the children

Practice "eighteen martial arts"

  The children in the orphanage have various diseases. In order to take good care of every child as much as possible, Yang Shouwei studied non-stop and became an "almighty mother".

  "When I first entered the hospital, the foundation of professional nursing was basically zero. Now, I am afraid that I will not learn enough or fast enough, and I am afraid that I can only be anxious when I see the child uncomfortable." Ask around for advice.

Now, she has obtained a number of qualification certificates such as orphans and disabled children's nurses, senior nursery teachers, nutritionists, rehabilitation health professionals, Montessori teachers, social workers, and social worker supervisors.

  In order to make the sick and disabled children live healthy and recover as soon as possible, Yang Shouwei and his colleagues in the orphanage racked their brains to innovate, and a series of domestic leading nursing methods for orphans and disabled children were born here: according to the needs of children with cerebral palsy, design "Cerebral palsy clothing" that is easy to put on and take off; "Straw-type feeding bottle" designed for children with cleft lip and palate; "O"-shaped pillow for children who are bedridden for a long time; Protective "restraint garments"...

  Since 2000, under the careful care of Yang Shouwei and his colleagues, and with the help of various medical plans, many children with heart disease in the hospital have bid farewell to death, and children with cleft lip and palate have been rebuilt.

hope for every child

Find a safe and happy home

  On the second floor of the orphanage, there is a file room, where rows and rows of growth files are neatly placed, recording the growth of the children in the hospital.

Open a book, the simple and lively words written by the nurses, coupled with the pictures of the children with bright smiles, look at people's hearts with love.

These files, which contain important moments in the children's development, will be passed on to adoptive parents when they are adopted.

  "When children ask about their childhood, parents can tell interesting things about growing up. I believe the children must be very happy, and the family will establish a more intimate connection." Yang Shouwei said.

  For Yang Shouwei, the most hopeful thing is to find a safe and happy home for each child.

Taking into account the child's growth, she and her colleagues set an unwritten rule, that is, to be ruthless, and to do everything possible to "delete" the experience of the child welfare home, and the past of herself and her children, from their hearts.

Over the years, Yang Shouwei has stopped contacting all adopted children, and generally does not accept active contact from adoptive parents and children.

Parting is the last time they have with their children.

  "Children live and grow happily in their own homes, live well, live in peace and happiness, which is our greatest comfort and happiness." Yang Shouwei said.

  Today's Weifang Children's Welfare Institute has been expanded to a four-story building with a construction area of ​​18,000 square meters, fully covered by central air conditioning.

Rehabilitation training room, activity room, treatment room, classroom, library and other functional rooms are readily available.

Children thrive here, and the monthly basic living allowance has risen from a few hundred yuan to more than 1,900 yuan.

  Yang Shouwei said that as a party member, she is grateful for this beautiful and progressive era from the bottom of her heart.

"My children and I are bathed in the brilliance of the party and the government every day, and are immersed in the river of care and love from all walks of life. In the future, I will continue to work hard, make dedication, and strive to spread the care and warmth of the party in the ups and downs of orphaned children. on the road of life.”