After finding a bag, they took 14,900 euros and went on a shopping spree: several minors from Upper Bavaria turned out to be quite dishonest finders.

A 13-year-old boy first discovered an abandoned briefcase on a platform in Oberhaching near Munich and an envelope with the money in it, as the federal police announced on Wednesday.

But instead of reporting this, the boy kept the envelope and told school friends about it.

Together they would then use the money to buy jewelry, clothing, food and an e-scooter, among other things.

So rich all of a sudden?

The parents finally noticed that the children were living beyond their means and took them to task.

According to the police, the students admitted the theft on Tuesday.

Most of the purchases can be returned.

A shortfall of a good 1000 euros was raised by the parents themselves.

The owner of the bag was identified by the police: a 62-year-old from Sauerlach had forgotten it at the train station.

Because of their age - all under 14 - the children could not be prosecuted.

They would be summoned to a clarifying conversation with the federal police, it said.