The controversy continues to swell around the burkini.

Gérald Darmanin described Tuesday as "unacceptable community provocation" the authorization to wear this swimsuit in the municipal swimming pools of Grenoble.

The municipal council of Grenoble, led by the environmental mayor Eric Piolle, indeed validated Monday by a small majority a modification of the internal regulations of the swimming pools resulting in the authorization of the port of the burkini.

Mr. Piolle, support of Mr. Melenchon, plays the unacceptable community provocation, contrary to our values.

I instructed the prefect to refer the deliberation allowing the wearing of the “Burkini” to “secularism” and, if necessary, to request its withdrawal.

– Gérald DARMANIN (@GDarmanin) May 17, 2022

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“Mr. Piolle, support of Mr. Mélenchon, plays the unacceptable community provocation, contrary to our values”, tweeted the Minister of the Interior of the resigning government.

“I have instructed the prefect to refer the deliberation allowing the wearing of the “Burkini” to “deferred secularism” and, if necessary, to request its withdrawal,” he added.

The prefectoral referral falls within the framework of the control of the legality of the acts of the territorial collectivities.

Piolle asks to reread “the law of 1905, rather than twisting it”

Eric Piolle's response was not long in coming.

“Darmanin, the minister who has the separatism law as his record, who finds Marine Le Pen too soft, rebels against the halal and kosher shelves of stores, allows himself to give lessons?

Reread the 1905 law, rather than twist it, ”reacted, also on Twitter, the mayor of Grenoble.

On the other hand, the prefect of Isère had already indicated on Sunday evening, before the deliberation of the municipal council, that he would seize the administrative court of Grenoble to block the measure, on the instruction of Gérald Darmanin.

To do this, he should appeal to a provision introduced by the law on separatism passed in August 2021, which concerns acts "seriously undermining the principle of secularism and neutrality of public service".

Eric Piolle, who invoked a "feminist", "health" and "secularism" fight, declared himself Monday "delighted that the government is attacking us", noting that he had "not attacked Rennes" when this city ​​had made a similar arrangement four years ago.


Before Grenoble, Rennes already allows the burkini in its swimming pools


Burkini in municipal swimming pools: A "sign of clothing of oppression and inferiority of women", say the departmental councilors of Isère

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