Thirteen companies, including major movie companies, have been caught for the first time in Japan for releasing an illegal movie, "Fast Movie," which is a 10-minute movie, and have been found guilty of violating copyright law. We have decided to file a lawsuit for damages totaling 500 million yen on the 19th.

"Fast movie" is an illegal video that uses the video of the movie without permission, adds subtitles and narration, and reveals the story in about 10 minutes. Three men and women were found nationwide for the first time last year and have been found guilty of violating copyright law.

According to the people concerned, 13 companies including Toho and Nikkatsu, which are major movie companies, filed a lawsuit for compensation of 500 million yen in total, alleging that the copyright was infringed by these three people releasing a fast movie on the 19th. I found out that I would wake up in the Tokyo District Court.

The movie company checked the number of views of 54 movies in Japan such as "Shin Godzilla" released by the three people, judged that the damage amount per playback was 200 yen, and set the compensation amount.

Some of the videos released by the three people have reached 2.65 million views.

Due to the growing demand for nesting in fast movies due to the spread of the new corona infection, the number of videos released and viewers is endless.

The movie industry and others are concerned that the number of people who watch movies at movie theaters and video distribution services for a regular fee will decrease, so we are identifying other fast movie operators and consulting with the police.