To find out the details of invasive alien species, Yunnan launched a large census

  Science and Technology Daily, Kunming, May 16 (Hulian Rong Luoyu reporter Zhao Hanbin) The reporter learned from the Yunnan Provincial Forestry and Grassland Bureau on the 16th that Yunnan Province has recently launched a census of invasive alien species in forest, grassland and wetland ecosystems, and plans to use In about 2 years, the basic situation of 43 key invasive alien species in 4 categories including insects, plants, phytopathogenic microorganisms and vertebrates in the forest, grassland and wetland ecosystems of the province will be investigated. It is expected to submit the results report in October 2023.

  The census work will be organized and implemented in accordance with the principle of "uniform national leadership, local responsibilities at different levels, and joint participation of all parties".

In order to do a good job in the census, the forestry and grassland departments at the provincial, prefecture (city), and county levels set up a special census work class and set up an expert group; Implementation Plan" and "Technical Regulations for the Census of Invasive Alien Species in Forest, Grassland and Wetland Ecosystems in Yunnan Province".

  The census work is based on the ground survey app, and conducts surveys, standard sample plots and transect surveys, and collects specimens.

  The census work takes the township administrative region as a separate survey unit, directly reporting the data, and relying on the national data platform to simultaneously establish a database of invasive alien species in the forest, grassland and wetland ecosystems in Yunnan Province, carry out risk and harm assessment of invasive alien species in forests and grasses, and study and judge the spread trend. Prevention and management strategies.

  With an area of ​​more than 400 million mu of forests, grasslands and wetlands, Yunnan is one of the provinces most seriously affected by invasive alien species.

Generally speaking, there are many invasive species, wide distribution, rapid spread, and great harm in Yunnan. The background of invasive alien species is unclear, and the harm mechanism is unknown, which brings challenges to the prevention and control of invasive alien species in forests and grasslands in Yunnan. As a result, the prevention and control cannot be accurate and effective.

The purpose of this census is to find out the species, area and occurrence of invasive alien species of forest and grass, and to provide data and platform support for the scientific prevention and control of alien species of forest and grass in the future.