The first main cable strand was successfully erected, and the 100th concrete box girder was poured... The Shenzhen-Zhongshan Channel, the core project of the Greater Bay Area, has recently ushered in several construction nodes.

  On the 15th, with the rotation of the cable drum, the first strand of the main cable on the left side of the Lingdingyang Bridge set off from the West Anchorage under the traction of the double-wire traction system. Roll up and keep moving forward, from the west anchor to the 270-meter-high main tower, through the 1666-meter main bridge, and then from the main tower down to the east anchor, which lasted about 6 hours to complete the cable strand erection.

  According to reports, the main cable, as an important stress-bearing component of the bridge, is called the "spine" of the suspension bridge.

The Lingdingyang Bridge has two main cables, each of which is composed of 199 full-length cable strands. A single strand uses 127 high-strength galvanized aluminum steel wires of 2060 MPa, which is also the main cable of the suspension bridge with the highest strength in China. steel wire.

  The first strand of the main cable of the Lingdingyang Bridge was successfully erected, marking that the bridge has fully entered the construction of the main superstructure project.

According to the construction plan, the main cables of the Lingdingyang Bridge are expected to be fully erected by the end of September.

  On the same day, after 10 hours, the 100th 60-meter concrete box girder of the Shenzhong Channel Project was successfully poured. The concrete box girder poured this time is 60 meters long, 20 meters wide, and weighs 2,800 tons after pouring.

After the prefabrication is completed, it will be erected by the "Tian No. 1" which is independently developed by the China Railway Bridge Bureau and has a transport capacity of 3,600 tons.

So far, nearly 70% of the total amount of concrete box girder pouring in the deep-middle channel has been completed.

  The Shenzhen-Zhongshan Channel is a super-large sea-crossing cluster project integrating "bridges, islands, tunnels, and underwater interconnection". , a total of 138 steel box beams and 155 concrete box beams need to be erected.

(Cai Minjie Liu Hailang Yang Ning Chen Xubin produced Liu Yinghan)

Responsible editor: [Zhang Aolin]