Don't let "script kill" become "hidden kill"

  □ Our reporter Pan Congwu

  □ Zheng Ting, correspondent of this newspaper

  The script used in the store is full of plots and words such as bloody violence, horror horror, feudal superstition, etc. The clerk does not use fire equipment, and the closed environment of the real scene has hidden dangers of fire safety... This is the Xinjiang Emin County People's Procuratorate who recently "killed the script" in the county. "Many problems found during special supervision and inspection of industry business sites.

  "Script Killing", also known as "Script Reasoning", players play the roles in the script and reason around the plot to jointly uncover secrets and discover the murderer.

From being on popular variety shows to becoming an offline social activity, "script killing" has become a new social favorite, and with the rapid development of the industry, the accompanying social problems have gradually attracted social attention.

  On April 16 this year, the Emin County Procuratorate, together with the County Public Security Bureau and the County Youth League Committee, conducted a special inspection of the "script killing" industry business premises within its jurisdiction.

  Through field visits, the prosecutor found that there are many hidden safety hazards in the "script killing" business premises within the jurisdiction, including: the site partitions, props layout and closed environment used in the real scene design of some stores are prone to fire safety hazards; the store security mechanism is not perfect, not strict Implement the visitor registration system; there are many dead spots in the video surveillance in the store, and the video surveillance angle setting is unreasonable, and the operator and the public security department lack effective control over the situation in the store; the scripts used in the store are full of plots and words such as bloody violence, horror horror, feudal superstition, etc. , the content of the script that is not suitable for minors to read is not prompted, which may bring negative guidance to minors who are not yet mature.

  According to the "2021 Entity Script Killing Consumption Insight Report", among the "script killing" consumer users, over 70% are young people under the age of 30, of which about 30% are students.

During the National People's Congress and the National People's Congress this year, a representative of the National People's Congress proposed: "The 'script killing' industry is still in the stage of free development, and there is still a lack of a national management system to regulate the problems exposed, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of minors."

  The Emin County Procuratorate's investigation found that the competent authority of the "script killing" industry is not yet clear, and there is a "blank" in supervision.

  In response to this reality, the Emin County Procuratorate implemented the "Procuratorate Action", based on the procuratorial function, established a collaborative mechanism with relevant administrative supervision departments, formed a joint supervision force, and timely standardized various risks and hidden dangers in the industry to promote the "script" "Kill" practitioners stick to the bottom line and standardize their operations.

  At the same time, procuratorial suggestions were issued to relevant functional departments to urge them to perform their duties according to law, strengthen industry supervision, and promote the healthy development of the industry.

  The procuratorial proposal clearly states that relevant functional departments are advised to conduct special investigations on the hidden fire safety hazards in the "script killing" business premises within their jurisdiction, deal with the found fire safety violations in accordance with the law and urge rectification, and strengthen daily fire supervision and inspection; "script killing" "Business units should establish a mechanism for the protection of minors, and promptly implement rectification measures for signs and posters in stores that are not conducive to the healthy development of minors.

Add age-appropriate reminders for minors in business locations, add the label of "unsuitable for minors" to some scripts; register and conduct necessary audits for "script killing" scripts, make "script killing" copyright transactions transparent, and combine positive energy, Scripts that promote the main theme are introduced into the industry.

  According to reports, for the problems exposed in the "script killing" industry, the Emin County Procuratorate will break through the information barriers with administrative organs, use legal supervision and market supervision to urge business entities to actively cultivate internal skills, and continuously purify the social environment of minors. Let "Script Killing" return to the essence of entertainment life and dissemination of culture, and cultivate an immersive entertainment culture that is upward and good.