Suddenly, the meme about Kazhi palyanytsya acquired a new, I would say, global sound.

So Maria Zakharova spoke on Telegram today: “If you want to know how the West sculpts fakes, I present to you an analysis of another one about the “Russian threat to food security.”

That's about the next threat (after "gas as a weapon against the West") and now they say on every western corner - "grain as a weapon against the West."

Even if we leave aside the fact that, to this orphan song, the Americans have already begun the natural plunder of existing grain reserves in Ukraine ... however, nothing new: this is what the Germans did in the 1940s.

The EU also does not stand aside: “The European Union will help Ukraine empty its grain storage, taking it to Europe, including by sea, to make room for a new crop, Josep Borrell said.”

About "empty" - we already understood that.

But with the new crop there are questions.

Therefore, Borrell would be better off keeping his mouth shut.

Many are interested in the near future, because the grain will not sow itself, will not grow and will not collect.

And then, on this occasion, the ministers of economy spoke on the sidelines of the G7 to accuse Russia of grain blackmail and shutting off the gas (crossed out) grain valve.

The German green Jem Ozdemir especially tried: with his Ukrainian counterpart, he accused Russia of using "hunger as a weapon."

According to Handelsblatt, "the Russian Embassy in Berlin has not commented on Ozdemir's allegations."

And then suddenly, unexpectedly for himself, he explains why:

“The price of wheat jumped to an all-time high.

Including because India decided to stop exporting.

It turns out that it is a myth that Russia creates a shortage of wheat and raises prices.

Moscow will make a profit anyway.

Clearly, allegations that Russia is deliberately holding back on wheat are unfounded, at least with regard to its own exports.

On the contrary, in March the country exported about 1.7 million tons, which is 0.6 million tons more than in the same month last year.”

What are you?

It turns out that everything in the world is somewhat more complicated than the people who destroyed logistics in a month in order to isolate and punish Russia imagined?


They probably never even heard that a sandwich always falls butter side down.

And so the same German minister also accused India of banning grain exports.

He absolutely does not care that in India they themselves have a problem with the harvest due to extreme heat.

European politicians are affected by the virus of Ukrainianness: they also believe that everyone owes them.

And here all the monstrous selfishness of the Europeans becomes clear, because, having taken grain from Ukraine at a time of complete uncertainty about the prospects for a new harvest, they, together with Zelensky, doom Ukraine itself to a reduction in nutrition (so as not to say the word “hunger”).

Yes, because they do not care about the Ukrainians.

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