Workplace and social hot topics are integrated into one

  More and more female-themed dramas will do additions

  Recently, the urban women's drama "Lady's Law" has been on the air. One drama contains content such as "two female protagonists", workplaces, social hotspots, and various emotions, so as to attract fans of all ages and different content as much as possible. drama.

It can be seen that female-themed dramas are increasingly doing additions and constantly looking for breakthroughs in content creation and element integration.

  Reporter Shi Wenjing

  Intern Xu Yi last

Multi-element fusion

  The urban women's drama "Lady's Law" starring Jiang Shuying and Liu Mintao is set with the characters of "double heroine" lawyers, focusing on real social hot topics, and showing women's diverse marriage and love stories.

In the play, Xu Jie, played by Jiang Shuying, and Chen Ran, played by Liu Mintao, are female lawyers in the workplace with completely different working styles.

Chen Ran works calmly and is relatively introverted. She is a people-friendly lawyer and is very popular among female clients.

The two had conflicting work philosophies at first, but they quickly understood each other and worked together to do great things.

On the workplace online, the play shows the emotional confrontation of contemporary women in the workplace and the story of the pursuit of justice and warmth in the lawyer workplace.

  On the emotional line, the show also has something to watch.

Xu Jie, played by Jiang Shuying, and Song Xiu, played by Peng Yuchang, staged a "sister and brother love" between an "overbearing female president" and a warm man in the office.

Xu Jie is stylishly dressed and full of aura. She is a proper female elite in the workplace. Song Xiu is considerate and humorous. The interaction between the two is quite interesting. "Sister and Brother Love" has become one of the highlights of the show.

Chen Ran, played by Liu Mintao, has experienced the real struggles of many women in their 40s. Her father, Chen Wenguang, was taken away by the police on suspicion of taking bribes. She and Jian Peiran, played by Gao Xin, encountered a marital crisis. In the marriage, there were problems such as childcare, and she had to deal with her husband's problems. Emotional cheating, etc.

  The most valuable aspect of the play is actually all kinds of social hotspots and conflicts from the perspective of lawyers.

The play takes the investigation of Chen Wenguang's case as the main line, and the small and large cases of various social problems are the sub-line.

At present, the social problems presented by the cases handled by the two female lawyers include single parent child support, labor disputes of pregnant women, female Internet celebrities divorced for family property and child custody, purchasing and selling fake goods, and celebrity flights being cancelled by fans, etc. There are also pharmaceutical companies. Larger cases such as drug theft and company equity transfer.

Through the theme of lawyers, this drama covers as many hot female topics and social topics as possible. Although some cases are solved in a dramatic way, the drama still hopes to arouse the audience's attention and thinking on these hot issues.

  This drama is actually grafted on urban family dramas, urban romance dramas and legal workplace dramas, and it is also a combination of "double strong women" characters. It has the freshness of the lawyer's workplace and the female family topic of "Thirty Only". There are idol drama components of "sister and brother love", as well as a variety of social topics for discussion, covering audience groups of all ages and with various preferences for watching dramas.

After female-themed dramas became popular, every drama that attracted attention was based on topicality, but before it was limited to women's emotions, family, etc., "Ladies' Law" presents more women's social issues, content richer.

Diversified themes

  From "Ode to Joy" series, "The First Half of My Life" to "Beijing Women's Guide", "Twenty Not Confused", "I'm Good in Another Country", "Love is Delicious", etc., and then to "White Moonlight" and "Imperfect Her" ", etc. In the past two years, female-themed dramas have produced a large number of hits, and they are the mainstream dramas in the film and television drama market, and they have strong vitality and can continuously integrate with different types and elements to attract the attention of the audience.

  The "Ode to Joy" series combines emotions, workplaces, friendship, inspiration and other elements to achieve a major upgrade in the content of female-themed dramas, opening up the market for female group portrait dramas, followed by successive female group portrait dramas, telling women from different perspectives and styles s story.

"Beijing Women's Guide", "Shanghai Women's Guide", and "I'm Good in a Foreign Country" face the dilemma of women's survival, presenting women's urban wandering, women's emotions, and workplace stories; "Thirty Only" and "My First Half of Life" present women's marriage and The entanglement of economic independence describes the confusion and choices of contemporary women between marriage and the workplace; "Love is Delicious", "Golden Years" and "Different" present a diverse group of women, focusing on women's friendship, career, and dreams and the growth of women; "her suspense" dramas such as "Skyscraper", "White Moonlight", "Imperfect Her" and "Don't Mess with the White Dove" have attracted a large number of famous directors and actors to participate, and have produced a different kind of drama. Women's suspense drama.

  It can be seen that in addition to family and marriage themes, female-themed dramas are crowded and homogenized, and dramas such as women's growth, women's workplace, and women's suspense are constantly breaking the creative routine and making women's stories more diverse.

  At present, there are more than ten female-themed dramas to be broadcast, and there is still a lot of room for exploration.

For example, "Twenty Do Not Confused 2" focuses on the new workplace life of "post-95" young women; "Rock and Roll" focuses on the emotions and growth stories of women's rock bands; "To the Brave You" tells about women's revenge and counterattack; "Savage" Grow" tells the hardcore story of women in the steel industry.

In fact, female-themed dramas can be grafted into various types of dramas to achieve interesting topics and stories.