More options to earn money for players who would like to have the best experience with gaming

Casino players have several options at their disposal through which they can make money. As a player, one can win lots of prizes that are offered by a given operator. Likewise, a player with an eye for entrepreneurship can take advantage of their experience to make money as an affiliate marketer for casinos. Fabio Duarte calls this, “earning while playing”, where a player uses the knowledge of the best mobile slots game and skills in marketing to make money. Fabio Duarte is a gambling expert at, a site that provides a comprehensive analysis of online casino platforms. His profile as well as insightful analysis on how to make money through affiliate marketing in online casinos can be accessed here. In this article, we will be exploring affiliate marketing in online casinos.

What is affiliate marketing?

In general terms affiliate marketing denotes a kind of performance-based activity where a business rewards an affiliate for the customers they bring out of their marketing endeavors. It is an advertising model where a business compensates a third party to bring traffic or leads. As an affiliate, you enter into a partnership, where you are compensated for your efforts. In other words, you are paid a commission for the business that a company gets out of your marketing efforts. 

For the gaming business, affiliate marketing is one of the most effective tools for the promotion of its products. The use of SEO, media platforms, PPC, and other online tools has succeeded in drawing in players. Compared to other marketing tools, it wins in terms of returns on investment.

Affiliates defined

Affiliates use their platforms such as websites to generate traffic for an online casino. While in other businesses, the affiliates bring customers, for online gaming the traffic is the players. The affiliates are in most cases players who have a clear understanding of how the casinos are run. To attract the players they use different means such as running blogs and live streaming during their games among others. In an actual sense, the affiliates are people who are familiar with how the business operates with a clear knowledge of the ins and outs of the industry. It is through providing information on what is available in a given market as well as sharing useful tips and strategies that the affiliates gain the trust of players and succeed in attracting a significant audience. 

Using skills such as SEO, link building, and online forums, they get good rankings in the search engines; they deliver traffic to online casinos. One important thing is that these affiliates direct super relevant traffic, people who have higher chances of converting into depositing players. Affiliate websites are known for useful information, users who are searching for the best sites to play, find them useful.

What do affiliates get for their efforts?

For their efforts, affiliates receive a commission. Operators associate their successful online casino deals to given players who were gained out of the partnership with an affiliate. There are several models that operators use to reward their marketing partners, they include:

  • Revenue-share where an affiliate gets a given percentage out of the earnings that are generated by successfully referred players. This is a model of choice for many affiliates because it guarantees them long-time revenue. Operators also see it as a good model since it motivates the partners into bringing high-quality players, meaning that they are also likely to have a constant stream of revenue. Most of those experts who draw up a business plan for gambling recommend this model for its effectiveness in revenue generation and successful online casino deals.
  • Cost per Action (CPA) where an operator gives a fixed rate for every player that an affiliate brings. For example, this can be a compensation for registration or deposit.
  • Mixed model where operators reward the affiliate based on a revenue sharing or the action of the players who are referred. The parties can also negotiate an upfront payment and a regular payment for the long-term participation of the players. 

Whichever model that the partners opt to use, experts have found that commitment to the agreement where each party meets its part of the bargain influences the success of the arrangement.

What are the advantages of affiliate marketing in online gaming?

Several benefits are derived from using this model of marketing in online gaming. They include:

  • The fact that they are performance-based means that operators do not incur expenses. Compared to other types of marketing where the operator pays upfront, this model is based on the results. The operator is already seeing the results of the affiliate efforts. Out of this, they are motivated to pay for their efforts.
  • It is easy to measure progress
  • They are easy to keep track
  • The business gains from the good reputation of the affiliate and their online presence.

If you are looking for ways on how to make money and increase your income, you do not only have to rely on rewards that come after winning. 

After all, they are not guaranteed; it is only a game of chance. With affiliate marketing, you are not gambling with revenue, out of your fruitful efforts to refer players to an operator, you are assured of earning some money. Given that affiliate marketing is currently one of the most rewarding activities, it is worth trying, after all, you will be a fish in the water, given that as a player you understand all the in and outs of online gaming.