5 inspirational quotes to read to your children before bed


The Sharjah Children's Reading Festival is an ideal opportunity to renew children's libraries in homes, discuss the forms and techniques of reading, how to motivate children, and instill a love of reading in them from an early age.

Among the forms of reading that experts urge parents to try, is reading to their children before bed.

Next, the owner of Dar Mayassin, the Omani publisher and educational researcher, Dr. Fatima Al Lawati, presents five reasons that explain the importance of reading before bed, and its positive impact on strengthening the child's connection to the book in the future.

First emotion and amazement

Reading to children before bed enhances the emotional bond between the child and his parents, develops a positive relationship between the two parties, conveys to the young child the values, and makes him feel the mother’s tenderness and the father’s sympathy.

Motivation for discovery and question

Reading to the child before bedtime by a parent motivates the child to ask questions, and prompts him to search for logical explanations for the stories he listens to, and develops his desire for discovery and a love of knowledge, and it should be by selecting the appropriate books, so that they do not contain stories that raise terror in the same the child, or bring him disturbing nightmares.

rooting the habit

Academic studies indicate that reading to a child before bed builds in his awareness an emotional connection towards reading, which continues with him in his different age stages throughout his life, develops his different sensory skills, and makes him excel in the stage of academic achievement over his peers.

Develop focus skill

Reading is one of the activities that requires the attention of the senses and focus in order to link words and sentences, in order to achieve an understanding of the meaning indicated by the read lines when listening to them. sequenced in the story he is listening to.

Help to relax

People’s cultures are not devoid of bedtime stories that mothers or grandmothers tell their children, to help them relax and prepare for sleep, and this is what reading to children can do before bed, as it makes them listen intently, and listen to those who read to them, until they close their eyelids and fall asleep.

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