The number of flights departing from Shanghai is gradually increasing: how to recover?

Major airlines responded comprehensively

  The Paper reporter Shao Bingyan

  At 8:00 a.m. on May 16, Juneyao Airlines flight HO1145 took off from Shanghai Pudong Airport and its destination was Longyan, Fujian.

This is the first domestic scheduled passenger flight from Shanghai that Juneyao Airlines has resumed since Shanghai's global static management.

From May 18th, Juneyao Airlines will resume six routes from Shanghai to Guiyang, Shenyang, Haikou, Sanming, Hohhot and Urumqi.

  The gradual return to normalization of civil aviation passenger transport will inject new vitality into Shanghai citizens and the daily economy.

  Since April, affected by the epidemic, Shanghai Airport has encountered a freezing point in passenger traffic.

On the evening of May 16, Shanghai Airport (600009.SH) released a briefing on transportation production in April. The number of aircraft taking off and landing in April was 3,530, a year-on-year decrease of 90.67%.

The passenger throughput was 42,600, a year-on-year decrease of 98.93%.

  It is foreseeable that Shanghai domestic flight capacity is recovering steadily.

  On May 16, Shanghai Deputy Mayor Zong Ming said at the Shanghai Epidemic Prevention and Control Conference that starting from May 16, the railway will gradually increase the number of trains arriving and departing from Shanghai Hongqiao Station and Shanghai Station, and gradually resume normal operation.

In the follow-up, the airline will gradually resume domestic flights to the city, and adjust the passenger load factor of domestic and foreign airlines' flights to the city in a timely manner.

  In addition to the Shanghai Pudong-Fujian Longyan round-trip flight that resumed on the 16th, Juneyao Airlines said that other domestic passenger flights in and out of Shanghai will be gradually resumed depending on the situation.

  The relevant person in charge of Juneyao Airlines told The Paper that Juneyao Airlines will be resumed successively from May 18. The application is based on temporary flights.

"Among the temporary flights, Urumqi is going to fly twice, but most of them are once. The follow-up depends on the situation of epidemic prevention and control, local policies and passenger needs. If conditions permit, it may be implemented or even open regular flights."

  In addition, Spring Airlines has also announced that it will resume flights between Shanghai=Kunming and Shanghai=Dalian one after another.

  On May 16, surging news reporters inquired about a number of third-party air ticket agency platforms and found that starting from the second half of this week, flights from Shanghai to many major cities in China were all available for reservation, and the number of flights also increased significantly.

  The relevant person in charge of Ctrip told The Paper that it is still in the state of "orderly recovery". As for whether the newly increased available flights can be flown, or whether the airline company decides based on comprehensive factors such as the current regional epidemic prevention policy, Ctrip will display the available flights in real time. Sell ​​products.

  An industry insider told The Paper that the third-party ticket agency platform for ticket sales must transmit data through TravelSky. TravelSky’s positioning is equivalent to the data warehouse of various airlines, and the agent platform captures relevant information in real time and provides it to passengers.

At present, the flights displayed on the platform are all planned flights, and the airline will perform the flight according to the actual ticket purchase situation.

  More airlines have already started planning for the resumption of scheduled passenger flights.

  The relevant person in charge of Xiamen Airlines told The Paper that the flight information currently seen on the third-party agency platform is only pre-arranged, and there is no actual external sales.

"The fastest at the moment is to seek charter flights for several shifts of migrant workers and students to return to Fujian from Shanghai on May 21."

  "Fortune Airlines will resume some of the suspended routes in Shanghai on the premise of meeting the epidemic prevention requirements and the conditional acceptance of the destination." The relevant person in charge of Fortune Wings Airlines said that it is actively working with airports in Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Qingdao, Guiyang, Sanya and other destinations. contact and promote the resumption of scheduled flights from Shanghai.

  In addition, according to HNA Aviation Group, Capital Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, West Air and other units actively communicate and coordinate with Shanghai and destination airports and epidemic prevention departments to promote the resumption of scheduled flights, and strive to resume Shanghai inbound and outbound flights as soon as possible to facilitate people's travel. .

  Relevant personnel of China Southern Airlines told the surging news reporter that China Southern Airlines has not yet confirmed the plan for the resumption of passenger flights, but it is expected to be very soon, and it will be announced in time as soon as there is news.

Air China said that it has not yet seen the plan and is still researching.

China Eastern Airlines said that the resumption of passenger flights is being prepared, but there are many uncertainties at present.

  According to an airline insider who told The Paper, some airlines are ready for large-scale resumption of work and production due to the resumption of passenger flights. However, since the epidemic prevention policies of the destination city will be adjusted at any time, the airline company mainly obtains the destination first. The approval of the city epidemic prevention headquarters, so some planned flights will face uncertainty in the implementation.

  According to the requirements of Shanghai, passengers entering and leaving Shanghai are currently on the principle of "not leaving Shanghai unless necessary". If they need to take a civil flight to leave Shanghai for necessary reasons, they must hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours and a negative antigen test certificate within 24 hours; If the negative nucleic acid test certificate is within 24 hours, the negative certificate of antigen test within 24 hours is exempted.

Passengers entering Shanghai by plane are also required to present a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours before arriving in Shanghai before boarding.