The door of a stone cave on Mars spotted by "NASA" puzzles scientists

A strange image taken by the Curiosity rover since mid-2012 on the surface of Mars, and broadcast by NASA on its website last week, still baffles everyone who sees it, because it is more curious than any image taken on the Red Planet, as it appears as an entrance to a cave or stone cave dug in a hill Perfectly rocky, similar to the entrances to the tombs of the pharaohs in Egypt.

In its report on the image, the site said: “If what appears in it is not a door or an entrance, and it is certainly not a door or an entrance, so it is a fracture caused by some kind of pressure on a rocky shape” or an earthquake, as was recorded on the red planet on 4 This May, scientists are still working to determine its exact center.

"Science Alert" stated, according to "Al", which completely vented the enthusiasm of the enthusiasts, saying that the rock formation similar to the door or the entrance "may appear to be full-size in our imagination only, because its visible height is no more than a few centimeters or inches."

He added that in recent years, many people have dealt with strange and wonderful footage of Mars, including craters filled with ice, hollow rock formations, or protrusions resembling structures we know on Earth, "but the important thing is not to get carried away too much by what you suggest is not real, but just a fantasy."

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