Big victory this Monday for the Antifascist Group Lyon and surroundings (la Gale), which won its case before the Council of State.

The latter has in fact just suspended the dissolution of the Lyon ultra-left group in summary proceedings.

The judges of the Council of State therefore went against the government, which had dissolved Gale on March 30 in the Council of Ministers, as Gabriel Attal had then announced.

They believe that the elements put forward by the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin do not demonstrate that Gale incited violent actions and seriously disturbed public order.

La Gale had denounced on March 30 "an attack on the freedoms of association, assembly, expression and opinion" and filed an appeal for interim measures.

“Not at the origin of the calls which could have generated serious disturbances”

"If the Gale has relayed on its social networks calls to participate in demonstrations, some of which are undeclared and which may have caused serious disturbances to public order, within the framework of the so-called "yellow vests" movement or against the health pass, the group was not at the origin of these calls, specifies the press release from the Council of State on Monday.

Moreover, it has not been demonstrated that the violent actions that were committed there are linked to the activities of Gale.


The GALE reappears

The Council of State has just suspended the dissolution of the Antifascist Group Lyon and Surroundings following the appeals brought by our lawyers.

It is thanks to the collective balance of power imposed by the fight that such a decision could be torn off .@comitesoutien69

— Antifa Lyon Group (@antifa_lyon) May 16, 2022

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However, the internal security code provides that a group can be dissolved for serious disturbance to public order.

Five days after the Gale hearing before the Council of State in Paris, it therefore obtained the suspension of its dissolution on Monday.

"La Gale reappears", savors the Lyon ultra-left group on Twitter.


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