The news that Korea's oldest MC Song Hae (95) is leaving the 'National Singing Contest' has been reported.

On the 16th, Edaily reported that, citing a broadcaster, Song Hae expressed his intention to leave the 'National Singing Contest'.

Although the production team has not decided on Song Hae's departure, it is known that he is looking for a successor to the host, leaving many possibilities open.

Song Hae, who is 95 years old this year, was recently admitted to Asan Hospital in Seoul and is receiving treatment.

He was hospitalized twice this year alone, following last January.

Fortunately, he is said to be not in critical condition.

However, as he is over 90 years old, there are growing concerns about the condition of his body.

'National Singing Contest' has been recording studio for a long time since Corona 19, but recently resumed outdoor recording.

If the proportion of outdoor recording increases in the future, the physical burden is expected to increase.

Song Hae debuted in 1955 with the Changgong Music Troupe and has been active in his 66th year.

The 'National Singing Contest' has been running for 34 years from 1988 to the present. 

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kim Ji-hye)