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Professional social communication


Alaa Jarrad


May 17 2022

The average person spends these days between one to five hours on social media, and the platforms differ in different countries and cultures. In some countries, “Facebook” leads the scene, and in others, “Twitter” or “Tik Tok” leads the scene. Almost daily linked to these platforms, like it or not, and in the Arab world there are no accurate statistics, but from reports and foreseeing the opinion of some colleagues, the majority spend about three hours a day, mostly watching and reading materials, or participating in publishing some materials, and many spend most of the time In useless discussions and arguments, especially in metaphysical, religious or sectarian matters.

Three hours a day means 1095 hours a year, that is, about 46 days a year is wasted for nothing.

What if he used that time to learn a new language?

Without a doubt, a person can master a language in this number of hours, if he perseveres in it, and he can even learn more than one language, but for those who do not want to learn a new language, what if this time is invested in social communication as well, but in communication Useful and feasible professionally, communication that brings you knowledge, and the formation of an international network of relations, and it is reflected in your bank balance!

There are many social networks and professional groups, such as Xing and Linkedin, that specialize in business and business communication, and there is also a personal social aspect, such as celebrating friends' birthdays, or sharing your successes and news with them.

A friend I met from the Maldives, he introduced me to the Minister of Education there, the Minister of Civil Service, and a number of colleagues in the field of quality and scientific research, and I met them, and hosted some of them also, colleagues from Brazil, Greece, Denmark, the Philippines, Finland, Fiji, Malaysia, and Ecuador, imagine That you have real friends in the countries of the world, and in your field of work and interest, you exchange news of your profession, advise each other, and share opportunities with each other, but as I said, it is an investment and a relationship from two sides, meaning that you give as much as you take, and maybe more.

You will not need more than an hour a day to build that professional network. Enough wasting time on Facebook and Instagram and the like. And enough arguing and disagreements that only generate negative energy, discord and hatred. Time is a blessing from God, and we must use it well. Because we will be held accountable.

The important thing is to start and not back down.

• There are many social networks specialized in the field of work and business.



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