Fresh graduates in Shanghai under the epidemic are striving to forge new paths

  There is pressure, but everyone is helping

  May is the "employment sprint month" for fresh graduates of major colleges and universities.

The situation this year is somewhat special. Taking Shanghai as an example, many colleges and universities have started closed-loop management since early March.

During these critical two months, some students faced interviews for postgraduate entrance examinations, some were preparing to study abroad for postgraduate studies, and some had to complete employment interviews without being able to leave the school.

  The latest data released by Shanghai Deputy Mayor Chen Qun shows that there are 227,000 college graduates in Shanghai this year, an increase of 20,000 over last year. As of May 6, the implementation rate of graduation destination was 36.47%, 10.03% higher than the same period in 2020. percentage points, but 6.54 percentage points lower than the same period last year.

Chen Qun said at the press conference that "the employment of college graduates is under great pressure."

  A reporter from China Youth Daily and China Youth Daily found that fresh university graduates in Shanghai under the epidemic are facing greater pressure to study for graduate school and employment, and on the other hand, they have also received help from all walks of life.

They are trying to forge a new path.

Students tend to have stable careers, and online recruitment channels are opened

  Wu Hongxia, a fresh graduate in biochemistry and molecular biology from East China Normal University, has lived in the "Experimental Building B" for more than 50 days.

  "I want to be a high school biology teacher, and the school I applied for asked me to upload a video of a lecture in the laboratory." Wu Hongxia told reporters that at that time, she had been renting an off-campus apartment when she received the news that the school was going to temporarily shut down, in order to record this video After a video, she immediately returned to the laboratory.

  Wu Hongxia told reporters that fresh students majoring in biology used to like to go to biopharmaceutical companies to do research and development, with high wages and a good working environment.

But this year's biology majors in the same class as her all regarded "biology teachers" as an important job search direction, and some even refused invitations from biopharmaceutical companies after getting teacher offers.

"We found that when you are a teacher, you can still get a salary during the epidemic, but going to a company is not necessarily the case."

  At present, the recruitment of high school teachers in Shanghai adopts the method of online interview. Two junior high schools and one high school have sent invitations to Wu Hongxia.

  On April 19, the BOSS Direct Employment Research Institute conducted a survey on the employment preferences of post-00s. The results showed that although the retention rate of college graduates in first-tier cities and new first-tier cities can reach more than 65%, 00 graduates graduated this year. The proportion of post-90s graduates who have a bachelor's degree or above and are willing to work in second- and third-tier cities is 7% higher than that of the post-90s.

This year's graduates no longer gather in first-tier cities.

  The HR of a skin care company in Deqing, Zhejiang told reporters that many Zhejiang companies have opened online interview channels for fresh graduates in Shanghai, but the number of companies that can continue to provide jobs for fresh graduates this year is decreasing, "I have a few HR friends, especially It is in the import and export industry, and has lost a lot of business due to the impact of the epidemic. Even I want to change jobs, let alone recruit more people."

School leaders "live and lead people", counselors help students find employment one by one

  "This is a very good student with strong comprehensive ability and strong stamina. Employers can consider choosing..." As early as March 30, Wang Hongzhou, secretary of the party committee of Shanghai Ocean University, appeared in the live broadcast room with 20 graduates. Promote students to companies through station B, Douyin, and video accounts.

As of May, he has conducted 12 such live broadcasts.

  "We have been visiting companies from last winter to the beginning of spring. Now it is a critical period for signing and interviewing. When we suddenly encounter an epidemic, we can't wait for the lockdown to be lifted before doing work." Wang Hongzhou told reporters that this "live broadcast with people" activity was originally scheduled to have 5 companies participated in the online group interview. "In the later stage of the live broadcast, the HR of the company began to grab people, and even the HR of other companies 'lurking' in the audience directly sent our students the intention to sign the contract".

  Sun Honggang, director of the Student Employment and Entrepreneurship Service Center of Shanghai Ocean University, introduced that the school had previously formed 12 research reports, and identified 15 types of graduate employment markets with enterprises, covering 755 units. In the second stage of live broadcast, companies are invited to participate in a targeted manner. The match between the live broadcast promoter and the post is higher.”

  At East China University of Science and Technology, Gu Yijiang, an undergraduate counselor for the 2018 class of the School of Chemical and Molecular Engineering, has recently been busy with the future of 264 graduates.

  Some students have unsatisfactory results in the preliminary examination for postgraduate entrance examination and are ready to give up.

Gu Yijiang took their transcripts, checked and sorted out the admission scores of the target colleges and universities, re-examination requirements and other information, and communicated with the students one by one.

He pushed the transfer information of relevant colleges and universities to eligible students and guided them to prepare for the re-examination in a targeted manner.

In the end, 9 students from the college were successfully transferred, accounting for about 1/3 of the total number of students admitted to the postgraduate entrance examination.

  "Answering questions and scientific research are not your advantages. You have a lively personality and are good at dealing with people. You can consider more positions in the market or sales." Liu failed in the postgraduate entrance examination and missed the autumn recruitment. Gu Yijiang recommended him to participate in the school's student employment guidance service center. online job training camp.

Today, Xiao Liu has successfully signed a contract with Shanghai Electric Group.

  "I was so anxious like an ant on a hot pan, I really didn't know what to do. Thank you teacher for pointing me in the direction." Xiao Liu said.

  The reporter learned that Shanghai is currently making every effort to promote the employment of fresh graduates.

The first is to introduce various policy positions, corporate tax relief, and social security subsidy policies to encourage companies to hire fresh graduates; the second is to strengthen online recruitment and job recruitment, and directly organize online job fairs for graduates at the municipal level, which will last until the end of August; The third is to optimize the graduate employment settlement policy. The first batch of settlements will be opened and accepted until the end of August after the epidemic is stabilized, and the second batch will be open for acceptance by the end of 2022.

Studying abroad is not affected much, and "mixed applications" increase

  Liu Gang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, told reporters that in terms of political and legal colleges and universities, the employment and postgraduate entrance examinations of students this year are not much different from those in previous years.

"Our political and legal graduates are mainly for civil servants and postgraduate entrance examinations, and the phenomenon of slow employment and delayed employment is more obvious. Students who fail the examination this year will keep their files in the school and continue the 'World War II' next year." He introduced that the school takes the "World War II" examination every year. The number of successful public and postgraduate entrance examinations is almost equal to the number of successful "World War I".

  Xiao Huang is a senior majoring in English at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. She has obtained postgraduate admission letters from many European and American universities through interviews in Zoom meetings, online application submission, and video recording.

  "Study abroad is at least at the interview stage, and it will not be affected much." She told reporters that due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, many foreign colleges and universities started online interviews as early as two years ago, and this year, the number of students studying abroad has increased significantly.

"Mixed application" refers to the mixed application of different universities in multiple countries.

  According to Xiao Huang, some students from Shanghai Jiao Tong University who have applied for postgraduate opportunities in computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry and other disciplines in American universities have left the school.

"First take the train to Nanjing or Hangzhou to isolate for 14 days, and then apply for a visa there." Xiao Huang told reporters that in the past, it took 4-8 ​​weeks to prepare for visa verification when applying to American colleges and universities, but this year, affected by the epidemic, students generally There is an extra month left for the verification, starting in May, so there will be more than 3 months of preparation before the school starts in late August and early September.

  "The school takes great care of us and supports us as long as we apply." Xiao Huang said.

  Xiao Huang himself got an offer from the Nietzsche School of International Politics at Johns Hopkins University in the United States, and will also enroll in late August.

She told reporters that her first academic year was at the campus in Bologna, Italy. "The European visa has little impact, mainly because air tickets and renting a house will be more troublesome."

  China Youth Daily, China Youth Daily reporter Wang Yejie Source: China Youth Daily