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Liberation day for some, synonymous with anguish for others: the end of the mask in public transport comes into force this Monday, May 16.

But this measure endangers the lives of immunocompromised people, who call for everyone's responsibility.

Some now dread taking public transport.

The return to normal life will not happen immediately for Stéphane, who received a kidney two years ago.

He has already received four doses of the Covid vaccine, but the protection is weak and does not last over time.

This Lyonnais will therefore have to be extra vigilant in the face of passengers without a mask.

"Today for example, when I book a TGV ticket, I take an isolated place to be sure not to have someone around me, too close", he explains at the microphone of Europe 1 "I keep my FFP2 mask on from the entrance to the station until the exit, because you can be next to a person who has the Covid (...). You can die of it", adds the Lyonnais.

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If he contracts Covid-19, Stéphane has a 20% risk of dying.

He therefore fears the lifting of the obligation to wear a mask in transport, which comes into force on Monday.

Like him, they are between 230,000 and 300,000 to be immunocompromised, either because they are transplanted, dialysis, transplanted, or suffering from cancer, or because they take treatments that weaken their immune system.

Very at risk from the virus, they represent around 40% of people in intensive care.

"Wearing a mask is not a reckless sacrifice"

The probability of death of the Lyonnais is higher than for a person in Ehpad.

So, to protect the immunocompromised, Renaloo, an association of patients with kidney disease, calls on the French to show solidarity.

"Everyone is tired of this epidemic. But at the same time, wearing a mask does not seem like an inconsiderate sacrifice to me if it is a question of preserving the health of fragile people and saving their lives", advocates the founder, Ivanie Caillé.


- End of the mask: the immunocompromised call for solidarity

If this call to keep the mask is not heard, these nearly 300,000 immunocompromised French people risk experiencing each journey in anguish.