You left your cell phone for a sunny Saturday and Sunday while the

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teams were toiling away, what luck.

But so that you are not completely dropped on Monday, at the coffee machine, we summarize the news for you this weekend.

No reason not to highlight our work!

1. What to remember from the Eurovision final won by Ukraine

Difficult to escape this info, Kalush Orchestra won the Eurovision Song Contest.

But if you haven't watched the show or you fell asleep watching it, here is a catch-up session offered by our special correspondent in Turin.

More info:

The public acclaimed the Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra

2. At least ten dead in the United States in a massacre in Buffalo

The theory of the great replacement stirred up the French presidential campaign.

In the United States, it has led to a new drama.

An 18-year-old man with supremacist ideas opened fire outside and then inside a grocery store in Buffalo, New York.

At least ten people were killed.

For the first time, a mass shooting was broadcast on Twitch.

More info:

What is the Great Replacement Theory?

3. The Calanque des Pierres Tombées makes bathing suits fall off

The town hall of Marseille will authorize the practice of naturism in a creek of the national park of the Calanques, where it was until then only tolerated.

A group of Tombstones regulars requested it to protect this site adjoining Sugiton, where people come more to get away from the overcrowding of the creek.

Other sites are envisaged for the official practice of naturism in the great outdoors.

More info:

This Monday, the Grenoble city council must vote on new swimming pool regulations, in particular authorizing bathing in a burkini or topless.

"A non-subject which should be seen as social progress", according to EELV Mayor Eric Piolle

4. The Moon turns red tonight

By a perfect alignment between the Earth, the Sun and the Moon, the nocturnal star will lose its brilliance and will gradually turn red.

The observation of this red Moon will be ideal in the West Indies or in Guyana.

In mainland France, the eclipse will be total at the end of the night, between 5:29 a.m. and 6:54 a.m., with a maximum at 6:11 a.m.

More info:

The Moon may also turn green

5. No shortage of toilet paper in Bordeaux

Girondins de Bordeaux supporters are at their wit's end after their club's unworthy season in Ligue 1. To show their dissatisfaction, they interrupted the match against Lorient (0-0) on Saturday by throwing rolls of toilet paper in the field.

More info:

Another club badly embarked on to stay in Ligue 1, ASSE which becomes a roadblocker at the worst time


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ASSE-Stade de Reims: Despite the closed session, ultras from Saint-Etienne let their anger burst out in front of the Cauldron

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