(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Zhengzhou "epidemic line": Are you warmed up by their actions to facilitate the people?

  China News Service, Zhengzhou, May 11th, Question: Zhengzhou "epidemic line": Are you warmed up by their actions to facilitate the people?

  Author Yang Dayong Chen Min

  Helping homeless and beggars to find relatives, making "reservation codes" for residents, and "transforming" the bus captain into a red vest... Since May, a new round of new crown pneumonia epidemic has made Zhengzhou "quiet" for a while, but in Zhengzhou streets, communities, In the prevention and control of "epidemic lines" such as villages, warm stories are constantly being staged, which not only brings convenience to residents, but also warms the city.

Help homeless and beggars find relatives

  Under the epidemic, no one will become an island. How should the epidemic prevention work of homeless and beggars be done?

  On May 10, Hu Zunxian and others from the Civil Affairs Bureau of Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province successfully completed the handover of a homeless and beggar, and carried out health monitoring, isolation and various assistance for returning home.

  Since this round of the epidemic, Hu Zunxian, who is the Civil Affairs Bureau of the Central Plains District, who has sunk to Tongbai Road Street in his jurisdiction, has a string in his heart, that is, how to do a good job in epidemic prevention for vagrants and beggars.

  Tongbai Road Sub-district in Zhongyuan District has many old communities with complex personnel and relatively backward management and construction of various supporting facilities, which has brought greater difficulties to the anti-epidemic work, especially the buildings without supervisors and the homeless.

  "Individual homeless people who are unwilling to receive assistance are wandering around on the road, unable to carry out nucleic acid testing in time, and there is a certain risk of epidemic transmission." After a day's work on community epidemic prevention duty, Hu Zunxian took the staff to start the nighttime homeless people rescue inspection Work.

  In order to strengthen the management of homeless and beggars, when everyone was having dinner, Hu Zunxian and his team members were still patrolling the streets and riding their bicycles through the streets.

  "We found during nighttime inspections that some vagrants and beggars are unwilling to accept assistance from rescue management agencies, and have been wandering and sleeping on the streets for a long time." Hu Zunxian introduced, especially during the epidemic prevention and control period, due to their weak awareness and ability to protect themselves, plus Frequent movement to prevent the infection of vagrants and beggars has become the focus and difficulty of rescue management.

  According to reports, since the outbreak of the epidemic, the rescue station in Zhongyuan District has always paid attention to changes in the epidemic situation in accordance with the work plan, and made reasonable arrangements and timely adjustments to the escort and return routes for the recipients.

For those who cannot be returned temporarily due to the epidemic, they will be handed over to the Zhengzhou rescue station for health monitoring, isolation and various return-to-home assistance.

The spirit of model workers shines on the "epidemic" line

  Different from Hu Zunxian, Cao Ruijuan, a national model worker and the driver of Zhengzhou No. 1 Bus Operation Company, and members of Cao Ruijuan's studio, Zhao Lipei, Hu Ping, Wang Lichao, and Ren Congqiang, usually work on the "road", escorting thousands of passengers to their destinations safely .

  Under the epidemic, Cao Ruijuan and the members of Cao Ruijuan's studio put on red vests, turned into volunteers, rushed to the "epidemic line" of epidemic prevention and control, took responsibility with practical actions, and made the spirit of model workers shine on the front line of anti-epidemic.

  "Whenever I put on the red vest and the little red riding hood, I immediately feel the change of identity, and that sense of responsibility bursts out from the bottom of my heart." Cao Ruijuan, who has participated in volunteer service for many years, told reporters that she would like to work with each volunteer. With dedication and love, we will build a barrier for epidemic prevention and control, and we will use hard work and perseverance to welcome the dawn of victory in the fight against the epidemic.

  As Cao Ruijuan expected, in the middle of the night on May 10, the Zhengzhou New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters Office adjusted the epidemic prevention and control measures in the main urban area: Party and government organs at all levels, enterprises and institutions resumed normal work order and production and operation (closed). Control areas and control areas are excluded); urban traffic resumes normal operations; primary and secondary schools and kindergartens resume offline teaching...

Homemade "reservation code" warms people's hearts

  Not only in the city, but also in the villages of Zhengzhou, there are also seemingly inconspicuous stories being staged.

  On May 4th, the first day of Zhengzhou's "quiet" round of the epidemic, Li Ying from the Shaogang Village Committee of Zhongmu County, Zhengzhou City sat at the computer, collected and summarized the appointment code information of each group, sorted out, modified, and deleted the duplicate codes. , and check the information with each team leader to ensure that it is correct, and then arrange nine "reservation codes" on each A4 sheet of paper and start printing.

  "In our daily epidemic prevention and control work, we found that many elderly people and children do not use mobile phones, especially when scanning the code for nucleic acid testing, which is very inconvenient." Li Ying said that for this reason, she decided to make her own "appointment code" .

  Considering that ordinary A4 paper is thin and easy to be damaged, Li Ying used wide tape to stick it on the surface, as if the photo had been plasticized, and finally cut the "reservation code" from the entire tape pasted paper one by one. Easy to store.

Even for such a simple job, Li Ying is meticulous, measuring with a ruler, cutting out the excess corners, and the final "appointment code" is the same size, neat and beautiful.

  On the morning of May 5, while the nucleic acid test was organized in the village, the "appointment code" made by Li Ying was sent to the residents waiting in line in time.

With the "reservation code", elderly people no longer have to worry about getting the wrong certificate; children whose parents are not around or take online classes no longer have to worry about asking their parents for their mobile phones and checking the "reservation code".

  Although it is a small measure, it has been unanimously recognized and praised by the villagers.

Villager Ren Jinchui said: "The printed 'reservation code' is convenient to use, which is strange." (End)