Teachers are the key to an educational powerhouse.

Teachers are the most important, critical and basic force in the educational process.

The person standing on the podium determines the quality of education.

  The Ministry of Education and other eight departments recently jointly issued the "New Era Basic Education Strengthening Teachers Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Strengthening Teachers Plan"), focusing on promoting the revitalization and development of teacher education, and striving to create high-quality, professional and innovative primary and secondary schools in the new era (including kindergartens, Special education) teachers, to provide a strong teacher guarantee for accelerating the modernization of basic education.

Re-emphasize teacher morality first

  Teachers' professional ethics, referred to as teacher ethics.

As the saying goes, nurturing virtuous people depends on virtuous teachers.

Cultivating teachers' morality is the first priority to improve teachers' ability to teach and educate people.

This "Strengthening Teacher Plan", like the previous documents, still puts the teacher's morality first, and puts forward many specific requirements.

  In terms of training, it is proposed to promote the cultivation of teachers' morality on a regular basis, and to incorporate various types of teacher moral standards into the mandatory content of pre-job training for new teachers and full-service teacher training; in terms of management, it is emphasized that the construction of teachers' morality and style throughout the entire teacher management process In the process of qualification recognition, teacher recruitment, professional title evaluation, post employment, annual assessment, promotion and evaluation, commendation and rewards, the first standard of teacher ethics and style is strictly implemented.

At the same time, it is also proposed to seriously investigate and punish the behavior of teachers' moral anomie, and carry out teacher moral warning education.

  It should be particularly noted that the "Strengthening Teachers Plan" proposes to promote the implementation of the access inquiry system for faculty and staff, which fundamentally avoids the entry of teachers who have lost their morality into the teaching team.

Train a group of master-level teachers

  As my country's higher education has entered the era of popularization, it has become the general trend to improve teachers' educational qualifications.

In recent years, it has long been no news that master's and doctoral candidates from prestigious schools have applied for primary and secondary school teachers.

The "Strong Teachers Plan" clearly proposes to train a group of primary and secondary school teachers at the master's level.

  This means that there will be a large number of master's degree talents among primary and secondary school teachers in the future.

  Where do these master's degree talents come from?

The "Strengthening Teachers Plan" has pointed out the path: to promote the reform of the integrated excellent middle school teacher training model of the overall design, segmented assessment, and continuous training at the undergraduate and postgraduate stages of education, and to promote the pilot training of high-quality compound master-level high school teachers; The public-funded normal students of the Ministry of Normal University are studying for the master of education work, and strengthen the management of contract performance; continue to implement the master training program for teachers of education in rural schools; expand the enrollment plan for master of education and doctor of education.

  In the face of the relatively low educational level of some in-service teachers, the "Strengthening Teachers Plan" specifically proposes to build an "overpass" linking teacher training and academic education, and at the same time support in-service teachers to study and improve their academic qualifications.

  Another expert pointed out that the recruitment and training of teachers should not be based on academic qualifications. Graduates with high degrees from famous schools are not necessarily famous teachers, and high education and high ability should not be simply equated. This will increase the consumption of academic qualifications and even lead to some teachers. In order to improve education, focus on improving education, rather than improving education and teaching ability in the post.

  While improving the general quality of teachers, the "Strengthening Teachers Plan" also proposes to implement the pilot plan of famous teachers and principals, and cultivate educators and great teachers in the field of basic education.

Tilt to the underdeveloped areas in the Midwest

  The imbalance of urban and rural educational resources has been criticized for a long time, especially in the underdeveloped areas of the central and western regions, the construction of the teaching staff is the weakest link, and there is a structural shortage of teachers and the phenomenon of repeated shortages of teachers.

  In order to promote the equality of education in urban and rural areas, the "Strengthening Teachers Plan" proposes to focus on teachers in underdeveloped areas in the central and western regions, and promote the balance of high-quality teachers.

  The "Strengthening Teachers Plan" puts forward specific policies: continue to implement the targeted training plan for outstanding teachers in underdeveloped areas in the central and western regions, relying on subordinate normal universities and local high-level normal colleges and universities to provide targeted training for 832 poverty alleviation counties and land border counties in the central and western regions to train undergraduate-level teachers. The central government provides support; further promotes the management reform of "county-managed school employment", improves the exchange and rotation, teaching and teaching incentive mechanism, and guides outstanding talents to flow to rural schools; through the implementation of subsidy policies, preferential title evaluation and employment, and strengthening the construction of turnover dormitories and housing security, etc., and strive to enhance the professional attractiveness of rural teachers.

  Two of these policies are particularly worthy of attention. First, in improving the status and treatment of rural teachers, it is clearly necessary to form a pattern of "the more remote the school, the more difficult the conditions, the longer the teaching time, the higher the teacher's treatment"; the second is to improve the exchange and rotation incentives Mechanism, teaching in rural schools or weak schools for more than 1 year is a necessary condition for applying for senior professional titles, and more than 3 years is a priority condition for selecting primary and secondary school principals.

Constructing a Modern Teacher Education System

  The production of a large number of excellent teachers requires soil and the support of the modern teacher education system.

Currently, this is still a shortcoming.

  There are more than 15.86 million basic education teachers in my country, most of whom graduated from normal colleges and universities.

On the whole, although the number of normal colleges and universities is very large, within a period of time, some normal colleges have changed in the direction and purpose of running a school, and their normality has declined. At the same time, my country's first-class universities are basically not in the teacher education system and do not participate in teacher education and training.

  In order to meet the needs of the new era, the "Strengthening Teachers Plan" has made a systematic plan for the construction of the teacher education system, and proposed to focus on supporting the construction of a number of national teacher education bases. , An open, collaborative and linked modern teacher education system with high-quality primary and secondary schools as the practice base.

This means that the teacher education system will not only be limited to normal colleges and general local colleges, but also to encourage comprehensive universities, especially first-class comprehensive universities, to train primary and secondary school teachers.

  It is reported that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the state will support a number of normal colleges and universities to strengthen the construction of teaching and scientific research facilities, each school will support 100 million yuan. The largest investment in the construction of teacher education.

  Source: "Ban Yue Tan" 2022 Issue 9 Original title: "Strong Teacher Plan, what is the plan?

  Author: Original Bixia Guo Yuanjie