On May 11, the "Emergency Mission 2022" earthquake relief and disaster relief exercise in the plateau and alpine regions was held in Zhangye, Gansu Province. The exercise simulated a 7.5-magnitude "earthquake" in Ganzhou District of Zhangye City.

Affected by the "earthquake", a landslide occurred on the Maya Snow Mountain in the Wushaoling area in the central part of Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County, Wuwei City. Three climbers were trapped in the snow mountain, and one person developed hypothermia.

  Ma Ya Snow Mountain is about 45 kilometers long from east to west and about 10 kilometers wide from north to south. It is the natural boundary between the Longzhong Plateau and the Hexi Corridor. The main peak is 4447 meters above sea level, and the average annual temperature is minus 6.5 degrees Celsius.

  The fire rescue force quickly carried out rescue in accordance with the operational deployment, wearing special anti-cold and anti-skid equipment, climbing a 5.8-kilometer mountain road under the guidance of a resident guide and going deep into the snowy area, using search and rescue dogs, mobile phone positioning and thermal imaging drones to search for missing buried people , and used drones to shout to appease the injured and trapped people, and throw cold-proof and warm materials and first-aid medicines.

  In order to avoid safety accidents caused by secondary disasters in the rescue process, safety officers were set up in many places to observe and give early warning to the rescue operation area. When docking, once the mountain, snow body displacement, collapse, rockfall and other signs occur, immediately send a signal and take emergency hedging measures.

  After search and rescue, 2 trapped persons were transferred to a safe area by rescuers, and 1 critically injured person was transferred to a temporary helicopter rescue point by building a rope rescue system. The critically injured person was airlifted to the designated hospital as soon as possible. The exercise was successfully completed.

(Ai Qinglong video source Gansu Fire)

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]