Recently, Yang Xiulian, a mother who lives in Kaili, Guizhou Province, has finally waited for a miracle after 27 years of her child's loss.

  In December 1995, Yang Xiulian brought her four-year-old son to a vegetable stall near the waste company in Kaili No. 2 shopping mall to sell vegetables. The child was accidentally lost.

Worrying that the child would not be able to find her family when she came back, Yang Xiulian and her family stayed in a rental house of less than 10 square meters. Because the house was built on a mountain, it was very humid. Moss grew on the walls of the house, and her family suffered from rheumatism.

After everyone's persuasion, Yang Xiulian's family chose to move out of the rental house.

Although she moved house, Yang Xiulian still did not give up the idea of ​​waiting for her child. She found a job where her child was lost, hoping for a miracle.

  On May 5, 2022, good news came from the headquarters of the baby home website. A Mr. Ye from Fujian showed the same DNA kinship with Yang Xiulian's family.

Due to the epidemic, Mr. Ye couldn't come directly, so he met his family again after 27 years through video.

(Yuan Chao Gu Fei)

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]