The number of people who have undergone PCR tests for the new coronavirus after the Golden Week holidays is increasing compared to before the holidays, and residents and others are visiting the free laboratories for testing.

A person in charge at the inspection office said, "People who went on a trip or homecoming during the holidays may be undergoing inspections to relieve their anxiety."

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the number of people who underwent PCR and antigen tests for the new coronavirus nationwide was 215,284 on the 6th of this month, which was a weekday during the holidays, which is about 1.7 compared to the 25th of last month before the holidays. On the 9th after the holidays, there were 144,463 people, an increase of about 1.2 times.

Of these, nearby residents and others visited the pharmacy, which conducts free inspections in the shopping district of Ota Ward, Tokyo.

According to the company that operates the pharmacy, at about 670 stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area, the number of tests was increasing especially during the Golden Week holidays, so there are cases where people come to the test to check for infection before returning to work. Was seen.

A man who visited the test said, "I went out during the holidays, and some people around me were infected, so I came to pick them up."

Noriko Takayama, Welcia Yakkyoku Dispensing Area Manager, said, "Many people went on trips and homecoming during the holidays, so I think more people are going to be examined to relieve their anxiety. We can inspect it, so I hope you will continue to use it and connect with peace of mind. "