"The heart inside" takes place in an ever-changing world where three dancers and an opera singer participate.

The show is aimed at both children between 6-18 months and small children with functional variations.

The focus is more on sensory expression rather than a narrative, says Noah Hellwig, who is one of the dancers in the show. 

- It is a performance that pays homage to nonsense by stimulating the senses in all different possible ways.

We have no story in it, it's more about energy, color, shape and movement.  

During the performance, the audience is a co-creator, as they are allowed to move freely in the room while the performance takes place around them.  

- You get like direct feedback when you dance for children, which you do not get in the same way with adults who sit still.

The children react and interact with us and give a lot of inspiration for movement, says dancer Jilda Hallin.  

Experience for everyone 

The set is made by the choreographer Dalija Acin Thelander who has created several artistic environments for babies, young children and adults where she has included artistic research.

Most recently, she has studied new choreographic methods adapted to non-neurotypical children.   

Her motivation is that the youngest audience should be equal to the adult and get to meet art at an early age.  

- It's about adjusting and welcoming their way of seeing the world.

It is a big and beautiful challenge for an artist to rethink and make art accessible to everyone, on their terms, says Dalija Acin Thelander. 

Hear Dalija Acin Thelander tell more about "The Heart Inside" in the clip above.